Could use a bit of advice about desoldering. Budget stations?

I feel I’m decent at desoldering with wick, plungers and bulb style desoldering irons, but fixing a few gaffs on my Shruthi-1 reminded me how time consuming this can be. I have a replacement kit for my Realistic (Moog) MG-1 that includes every switch, slider and pot. Given sheer number of connections I’ll have to desolder, how much I love this synth and that it’s effectively irreplaceable, I’m thinking it’s time to get a desoldering station. I already have a Hakko clone soldering station I’m quite happy with, so I don’t need a combo rework station. What are some decent, budget desoldering stations to look for? I’m based in the USA.


The Hakko 808 Desoldering kit is wicked awesome! I highly recommend it. It kicks the shit outa using Desoldering braid. You will never go back. Totally worth the $200 investment.

+1 on the Hakko 808. :slight_smile:

  • you can tell people you have an 808…


Something like the Aoyue 474 could be a reasonably priced alternative to the fairly expensive hakko 808…
As a matter of fact, aoyue make clones of almost anything hakko makes, that more often than not accept original hakko replacements if needed ^^

I have a Duratool one that does the job.

A friend of mine has Aoyue 474 and although it does the job, it does not come close to Hakko 808 I’m using.

How heavy are self contained units like the 808? I’d prefer a pencil style station, but the cost is probably too high.


According to their website, 420g.

808 is not to heavy at all

808 feels much lighter than it looks, in reality its weight is just right.

I spent some time researching the Hakko 808, Aoyue 474+ and various stations commonly found used. Since the 474 is usually reviewed as “not a Hakko, but good” and I found a good deal on one, I have it on the way as we speak. I’ll report how it holds up.