Cost of all parts of the ambika

hi, curious what the price of an ssm ambika kit would cost? is there anything besides whats in the shop that needs to be purchased?


for an Ambika with 6 voices, expect to pay $700-$800 if only buying the Boards/case from MI, Depending how fancy you want to get with stuff. At least that’s how much it would cost you in the states. The Ambika kit is the SMR-4 and only has enough parts for the MoBo and 1 voicecard. You will need to buy 5 more boards and enough parts to stuff them.

not sure what you mean by ssm. the kit that was offered was for a complete motherboard plus 1 voicecard, either SMR, SVF or 4P filter flavours.
i don’t remember what it cost back then and not sure about what the overall cost was as i only had to order certain components and that was spread across several sources (mouser,reichelt) and everytime forgot stuff… so, approximately, including pcbs, couple hundred bucks?

let’s say 40€ per voice card including all chips which i’d strongly recommend as some of them are pita to buy in EU that’s 240€ plus 60€ motherboard, plus case we’re at about 390€.
some of the remaining parts come from US but most of them are easily available. maybe as a rough guess it may be at least another 150€ as there are switches, pots, knobs, 40x2 displays are expensive too, heatsinks etc… prices can vary, since resistors seem way cheaper over here than they are at mouser. add shipping and taxes, 20€ power supply…

You have to buy all the parts besides PCBs and programmed chips. I was pricing this via Mouser and (unless I missed something, I added it up pretty quick) you are looking at just over $100 for the control board parts and maybe $20 in parts needed for each filter board. I didn’t factor in shipping.

@sammy123, thats a pretty safe estimate. I believe the parts for the SVF was about $25 or so. Of course this doesnt factor in the 2164’s.

>rosch. Couple hundred including PCB’s??? Can I get your vendors phone number STAT!

Parts for 1 mainboard and 4 SVF cards cost me 208 bucks

Clearly it’s crazy expensive for parts in the US :frowning:

hmmm, i know i payed a few hundred for everything… not surprising actually

All of the parts, yeah, I think I payed $2-250. Thats including a PS and the Optrex and hardware from Frank. The Case & Boards were $500. Must be that exchange rate thats killing it over here.

I feel like a goon. I’m over 900 us for six smr voicecards and Mobo board and components

it is pretty exactly:

ambika mobo incl chips 60€
all parts from mouser 96,26€ (incl. optrex display)

SMR4 Filter incl. chips 35€
all parts from mouser 20,09€

SVF filter incl. chips 40€
all parts from mouser 16,58€

4P incl. chips 40€
all parts from mouser 19,15€

shipping cost for the pcb from paris to berlin 10 €
no screws/nuts/spacer included
no enclosure included
no power supply included

now you can add it up.

all parts for each PCB i have saved separately in my mouser project manager. happy to share.

it took like 3 days for delivering to germany. incredible fast.