Cool neighbor!

My neighbor invited me down to grab all his old audio cables he had laying around. A former roommate was a musician and he left a TON of pretty high quality XLR, 1/4, patch, etc. cables and, most interestingly, one of these:

YAMAHA QX21 Digital Midi Seqencer/Recorder from 1985:

It works great, and I could see myself having some fun with it and my Ambika! Screw the Octatrack, this thing can record chords as I play them with zero menu diving- and it can quantize to fix mistakes! Never knew this little bad boy existed!

@RyanA4 good kit

Good neighbour indeed - true generosity


Yeah, the more I look into this thing, the more I realize it’s an essential companion to a synth. You could really get an idea down with a sequence or two with some leads/chords in MUNUTES. It’s basically a 4 track phrase looper. They don’t really make midi sequencers like this anymore.

I bought him a case of beer. He’d be a great candidate for a “trusted builder” around here. He’s in his mid 40s and had a pretty rough life, but the guy is an electronics/hacker genius. He showed me his Oscilloscope, Mult-Meter, and badass soldering iron, and he want’s me to buy him some MI kits to put together just to get the old juices flowing.

He was telling me the other day how he was 14 when he made a synth out of SID chips and learned how to get lots of polyphony out of only 3 chips! I showed him the MIDIBox web site and he nearly pulled his hair out. He was like “I was making those 30 years ago!”

So I’m gonna get him back to his roots and have him make a few kits. Teach that old nerd some new tricks! Maybe we’ll have another pro to bring into the fold around here!

Sounds like a promising recruitment to the DIY community :slight_smile: