Converting regular anrushi to eurorack

hi all! i’ve had and loved my tabletop anrushi, but i’m building a eurorack modular and want to put it in! i got the kit, but there’s no instructions…

1 - how do i do it? seems like there’s lots of stuff that’ll need to be changed etc to make it work but there’s no manual for the install…

2 - should i do the breakout to have midi and audio out from it if i already have a midi to CV module going?

thanks much, love the mutable stuffs

remove the audio jacks if they prevent the installation of the module into your rack case. (I left the midi connectors, power switch and power jack in place) Remove the voltage converter chip (LT 1054). Install the new knobs and buttons ( I used a bit of bluetac to hold the buttons on ) And you’re done. Unless you want to hook up the connector panel in which case you need to solder cables for the midi and audio connectors. Also, remember, if you built the Anuishri to use as a tabletop module and you elected to use digital tuning calibration you will have to go through analog calibration for the Anushri track CV.

Also, solder the 2x5 pins connector on the main board.

The MIDI in/out panel connectors are useful if you want to use the sequencer.

and make sure the pins stick out of the BACK of the board so you can plug it into your euro power bus. That was my duh moment.

So there is no harm possible if you leave the power jack and switch installed as long as you remove LT1054 first?