Controlling Veils VCA with Marbles gate via Maths

I’m trying to set up a vanilla envelope control based on Marbles gate from the t section. I’m using two channels of Maths for t1 and t3 gates, then into two Veils VCAs. What type of response curve would you use on Veils? I find that I either fall into clipping or it just appears to not open the VCAs as loud as I’d like, contoured by an envelope. I’ve been messing with Maths in Exp/Log modes both. Is the fact that Maths uses whichever voltage it is fed for its envelope, and that the Gate outputs of Marbles isn’t suited for Maths? (not in cycling mode, tried Trig and channel inputs both).

What is a good starting point for using envelopes with Veils (and Blinds) VCAs?

I’m pretty sure my line of thinking isn’t really straight here. Any help or suggestions welcome!

I don’t see any reason why this would happen.

I would recommend using Veils’ linear shape, and just use the EXP/LOG control on Maths. Are you attenuating the envelope (by using the knob on Veils)?

Isn’t there a position of the gain knob on Veils that gives you something in-between?

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Ok! I’ll try sticking to linear on Veils and review Maths’ settings, thank you.