Control Change list

I begin a new live with my MachineDrum and the shruti-1 and i’d like to setup my MD to control shruti-1 with CC.
i’ve read in the past in forum the new list of Control Change but i didn’t found them anymore ???
Can you show me where is it please ?

  • 16-19: Oscillator 1 (Shape, parameter, pitch, mixing mode)
  • 20-23: Oscillator 2 (Shape, parameter, pitch, detune)
  • 24-27: Mixer (Balance, sub, noise, sub shape)
  • 28-31: Filter (Cutoff, resonance, env, lfo)
  • 102-105: Env 1 (ADSR)
  • 106-109: Env 2 (ADSR)
  • 110-113: LFOs (Shape 1, Rate 1, Shape 2, Rate 2)

The controller value is always between 0 and 127


any changes in this with the new boards and firmware?

also, since I am programing a p3, it looks like for many synths filter cutoff is 74, and res 71, but on the shruthi the cc’s are logical but not midi spec standard right, 28, and 29. I’ll have to chcek in the P3 to see if I can assign different machines to tracks, each with their own numbers, but then have aux A=volume, B=modwheel, C=filter, Aux D=resonance. Can I use a cc to set patch change? Probably not?

Which leads to, is 7 the vca level?

Careful there sealion, I don’t have both manuals here to compare (and they are listed in the manuals), but the question, I believe, refers to the original Shruti.

EDIT: Wow it’s been two years?

Please check the manual

P3 response is 7 =vca, and 74 & 71 give mad filter & res on both the smr and the polivoks. Also the 4 assignable Aux cc controllers on the P3 do seem to be indepenent on each track, very cool…And of course there are also: pitch, gate, repeat, decay, length, velocity and force to scale notes per track, I do believe I’m starting to get it.