Control board troubles

I’ve built two Shruthi-1’s successfully and I’m working on a Polivoks. The filter board went together well and all the voltages check out. The control board looks ok, The switches all work, the LEDs turn on and off, the contrast pot is working correctly but the display isn’t displaying anything. I’ve verified all of the joints and ohmed everything out and removed and replaced the display, CPU and EEPROM with spares I had lying around. No change. On a working control board I see CPU pins 24-29 transitioning when I do something that would cause the display to change. On the non-working board only pins 28 and 28 transition. Pins 24-27 just sit there hovering around ground. This same behavior exists when the display module is not installed and I just have a scope on the CPU pins. Is it possible I just got a bad batch of ATMEGA 644Ps? The 595 and 165 both appear to be working as advertised both functionally and on the scope.

never mind, I must have fat fingered the burning process. I reburned the AT644P and it booted right up. All working now.