Continuing from missing trace, I have now screwed something up

So it looks like I may have actually broken this thing, although I’m not really sure how. Everything looks okay, and I really didn’t do much. In fact, I did the same thing to the new XT I bought and there were no problems. I get the same sound, a distorted wave of some sort, no matter which preset I choose. I figured I would try updating the firmware to 0.97 but when I do the Power-On-Button-6 thing, I get alternate LEDs lit up, 1-3-5-7 all at once, and the firmware update does not seem to do anything.

I have checked solder joints, re-soldered a few just in case (although this was a working Shruthi), and noticed one of the small caps was burned on one side so I’m going to replace that.

Any hints would be appreciated.

Which filter board is it and have you tried tracing the signal through the signal chain?

I’m going to check out more detail and post some pics in a day or so. I just started a new contract that is really busy which has really screwed up my “play with the Shruthi” time! I did replace a few traces, maybe I screwed that up. It’s an SMR4 MK1 filter.

FIXED! Well, not exactly, nothing was actually broken, except maybe me. I could not figure out why anything would have went wrong with this simple mod, and it didn’t. I had forgotten that I had switched MIDI and audio cables from the SMR4 to the XT because I wanted to fool with the XT. Argh So, I’m not as stupid as I thought I was but at the same time actually more stupid than I realized.

lol how come i know that feeling?