Connectors of different synth standards: DIY!

what are the standard connectors (female and male, maybe even cable assemblies?) for the different synth formats? and where to order them? let’s collect some data here. maybe collect and update all info here in the first post? (that would be me then)
until now, for me, they’re a PITA and never really sure about them.


2x8 IDC headers Doepfer style: MPE 087-2-016

2x8 IDC shrouded headers: WSL 16G

2x5 IDC headers Doepfer style: MPE 087-2-010

2x5 IDC shrouded headers: WSL 10G

IDC cheapo style (Doepfer) but 2x36 long to cut at home

Ribbon Cable:

10 wires 3m (for 2x5 or 2x5 to 2x8 adaptor) AWG 28-10G 3M
16 wires 3m (for 2x8) AWG 28-16G 3M
there are also longer cables and with more wires if you like to cut / split and maybe achieve a better price, up to 30 meters

Rainbow cable

just substitute the G in the above numbers by a F, like this:
AWG 28-10F 3M
AWG 28-16F 3M

Female connectors

2x5: PFL 10

2x8: PFL 16

and the tool:
MWZ 214

@jojjelito what sort of crimping tool is appropriate and affordable for MTA connectors? And am I correct that the connectors in the following image are MTA-100 (compatible with 9mm vertical pot footprint)?

ok i did the euro/Reichelt material, that’s the stuff i know.
if someone has mouser farnell or other distributor’s numbers please share.
and if someone knows about dotcom, motm, serge etc etc, please share too!

MOTM is easy: 4-pole MTA-156 for purely analog modules, 6-pin MTA-156 for analog/digital modules. Dotcom uses a 6-pin MTA-100 connector. You can get away with using cheaper clones of these. A cramping tool is nice to have for these guys, unless you buy pre-crimped connectors with 20- or 30cm cables.

Buchla 200-series uses a Hirose card edge power connector that the DIY tinkerers at Muff’s sometimes buy in bulk. The name of the part is:
Hirose CR6-10S-3.96E and it comes with a polarizing key so you don’t plug it backwards.
Originally these were made by EDAC and sells as #306-010-500-102 card edge connectors.

Serge uses an almost, but not exactly like, Molex connector that’s very similar (but not a fit!) to ordinary PC Molex power connectors. The standard inter-connector used by STS is a Tyco Rectangular 4 pin Connector. The body and pins are sold separately.
Pin & Socket Connectors PLUG W/O EAR 4P inline is PN: 770078-1
Pin & Socket Connectors 24/18 AWG TN/BR SKT is PN: 770146-1
Pin & Socket Connectors RECPT 4P DETENT LOCK in-line is PN: 770075-1
Pin & Socket Connectors 24/18 AWG TIN/BRASS is PN: 770147-1

A normal PC modders Molex pin removal tool from any decent computer parts store is needed for easier connector pin disassembly.

Mouser numbers are just 571- before the part numbers above. Like so:

Is this a Tube?!

yes, the ones with .100 or 2.54mm spacing. you can also use the normal idc stuff like in the shruthi for these, but mta are reverse protected.
@fcd72 yes russian subminiature do you need some?

I have no f*BEEEP*g clue what to do with it but i want some!

that’s the right attitude :smiley: how many?
you can build the L-1 tube VCA in that pic, or Ken Stone’s tube VCA, which is more a waveshaper / distortion (doesn’t go all the way down as a vca if i remember correctly but adds some flavour. i haven’t heard mine, misses its panel as you probably guessed)

There are expensive high-volume tools from AMP, then there are the silly T-handles for MTA-100 and MTA-156. A9982-ND and A9981-ND for about 40 bucks a pop at Digi-key, cheaper if you shop around. This is for insertion in the normally orange or red 90deg connectors. I’ve been doing those with a plastic screwdriver. The white ones above can be crimped with a normal universal crimper if you’re careful.

Various MTA parts


Universal crimping tool

@fcd72 rosch is right, that is L-1’s Tube VCA

It is in my next round of projects for sure. That is 'roglok’s build from Muff’s.