Connect 2 midipals

Can you use the jumper connections to connect 2 midipals and use the ouputs of both midipals at the same time?

I am not sure this is what you want to do, but this can be used to chain two MIDIpal. The output of the first MIDIpal will be the input MIDI stream affected by the first MIDIpal, the output of the second MIDIpal will be the input MIDI stream affected by both.

Yes i understand this but i wonder if can still use the normal midi output of the first one as well as that it sends it to the second midipal. So to use it as a splitter.

Give it a try, I think it’ll work. The UART out from the first MIDIpal will have to send current to:

  • Whatever you connected to the “normal” MIDI out connector.
  • The RX input pin of the MCU on the second MIDIpal.

This second input has a high impedance (I guess so), so it’ll divert only a small amount of current from the MIDI loop.

OK’ll check it.

It really depends on what you’re hooking up to diverted MIDI output, for example for me it worked with Nord Micro Modular, but did not work with Novation A-Station. Using a dedicated splitter like MidiThru makes it work in all cases.

Ok thanks, well i’m actually trying to build a dual midipal device on perfboard. If it doesn’t really work i will add some of the midi thru circuitry. (and maybe some extra thru ports :))