Congratulations! Shruthi-1 is 18th Best HW Synth of the World

Hello Mutable Intstruments boardies,

I found this while I was checking newstletter today

Here is the article

The 22 best hardware synths in the world today

And the Mutable Instruments Shruthi is 18 out of 22 Best HW Synths in the world today.

Here is what the say about beloved Shruthi-1

Billed as “a simple synth that rocks”, this hybrid digital/analogue monosynth is said to have a surprisingly wide sonic range that encompasses gritty, bleepy and warm tones. Shruthi-1 is sold as a self-assembly kit - it’s an eminently hackable instrument - and you can also choose to buy an enclosure on top of that.

I think this is really awesome when you look at the other competitors are completely well established brands and They have huge financials support and marketing behind them.

And IMHO non of them has spirit of Mutable Instruments or its following community.

Frank will like the fact that its rank is lower than the jupiter 80… :smiley:
What’s very interesting is that it’s the only diy solution in this ranking, which in itself is an outstanding performance.
And I suppose they’d like the Anushri very much if they ever heard about that…

the OP-1 is there as well. Rather pleased with my limited selection of hardware, can’t wait to get an Ambika to top it all off.

It does indeed say a lot for MI and the Shruthi to have it featured in a list dominated by the big brands however, aside from the Shruthi, only the Telemark-k, OP-1 and Minibrute actually caught my attention. A big fat ‘Meh’ to all the others in my humble opinion.

I don’t really know how I ended up in this list and how the votes were counted.

@pichenettes Because you’ve designed a really lovely little synth (that rocks)?

The DSI gear and the Virus belong in that list too, but the Shruthi is really the mouse that roared :smiley:

I do have to question the validity of that list, seeing stuff like the Ultranova on there(which is fair enough, it uses the Nova/ASM engine, which is excellent), but then seeing the mininova achieve a even higher rating… W.T.F.

The Teenage engineering OP-1 looks cool, but is more of a sampler, and while I’d love to get one, meh…

There are no actual “agreed upon” old analog synths, and somehow a access virus keyboard has sneaked itself to the top of the list… It’s a cool keyboard, but it is also among the most bland instruments I have ever laid my hands on (which of course is excellent if you’re writing pop music & need some meaningless synth lead)… It lacks knobs(LOTS of space to the right of the keyboard…), especially considering the price you pay for a essentially over-glorified VST-in-a-box :frowning:

@V`cent I fully agree with you on objectivity of this list and it even might be biased.

Although I still believe , It is quite good achievement for Mutable Instruments shows up on a such kind of list in known Electronic Music portal.

Am I afraid seeing Mutable Instruments on Sound on Sound and MusicRadar now ?
Yes because then people will know about our little secret :slight_smile:

Guys, these lists are created in the bar over a couple of beers during happy hour. They’re not objective in any way. :slight_smile:

doesn’t matter, it’s still good promo. and honestly most of the synths in that list i’d personally give away to Klaus Lage as a no roland moog arp vintage synth

That wasn’t intended to downplay the Shruthi getting in the list; it’s pretty damn cool for it to bubble up during a quick happy hour session like this. It’s just that I wouldn’t take the position (or omission) of any specific instrument too seriously. :slight_smile:

My list would probably look a bit different…

Mine too. I want modulars and dinosaurs in the mix before it becomes a decent gumbo :smiley:

Never seen the point of league tables.

Would you put a Les Paul guitar above a Rickenbacker? they suit different styles of music just like synths can do.

Well, some guitars are ‘generally’ bad unless you play some obscure genre. I mean, would a Bontempi make it on such a list?

#1 is a bit perplexing

is #1 a Synth?

It does seem to be a rather ramshackle collection of synth hardware… Still, it’s good promotion for Mutable Instruments none the less :slight_smile:

the important question to ask about all the free space above the virus keyboard is; “I wonder if a Shruthi-1 will fit after I put an Anushri and Ambika on there”

could make a nice controller. . . ? heh