Confusion about the caps 18pf or 100pf on main board

the assembly instructions for the main board says:

Add 1x 100pF (labelled 101) and 1x 18pF (labelled 180) capacitors. They limit the bandwidth of the op-amps and keep them stable. The TL072s don’t strictly need them though.

The position is behind the main mix output jack. So I should add one 100pF and one 18pF capacitor but on my main board (v0.8) the cap on the left side of IC1 (above 100n and the two resistors) is labeled 100p, not 18p like on the photo in the instructions?

That is an error in the silkscreen on the recent boards. The build picture is the right one!

Cool thanks for your fast reply! Do you know if there are more errors on the recent boards?

No, this cap is the only place where the silkscreen is inconsistent with the BOM and assembly instructions.


And sorry, I just saw that this topic was solved in this thread:

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Glad you sorted your Ambika.

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