Confused over Yarns' calibration procedure

Hi – Can anyone please walk me through the Yarns calibration procedure? Here is a video of how far I’m getting and were I’m getting stuck:

Turning the encoder dial isn’t changing anything on my DMM. Should the ground be connected to anything? My DMM should be set to DC, right? Totally lost…

Thanks so much!

Before we continue, is there any specific reason why you need to calibrate your module?

The module is factory-calibrated using equipment worth 100 times the multimeter you use. It seems to be common for people to “decalibrate” their Yarns so that it matches a miscalibrated VCO, but usually, they do this using a guitar tuner or by ear.

Thanks so much for the reply. For some reason my digital oscillators are playing a half step flat so I’d like to calibrate Yarns to fix that. Or did I perhaps mess up a setting that would cause this?

> Or did I perhaps mess up a setting that would cause this?

Check that the TS settings on Yarns (Tuning system) is set to EQ (equal temperament).

Besides that, if all notes are flat by the same amount, it looks more like a problem with your oscillator - not the kind of things that calibration is supposed to compensate for. Which digital oscillator are you using? Have you tried adjusting the coarse frequency knob of your oscillator?

You could obviously calibrate Yarns to be one step flat but:

  • It’s always better to treat the problem at the root!
  • By “decalibrating” Yarns, you’d completely destroy its accuracy. It would need a much precise multimeter than what you have to bring it back to a calibrated state.

Hah, ok! You talked me into not touching the calibration :slight_smile: Thanks so much for your modules, by the way. They’re slowly taking over my entire rig they’re so awesome

What is this oscillator that sounds flat? Is there an easy way of transposing it up?

It’s the digital oscillator output from Yarns (running it clean into a tuner). That’s why I thought I needed to calibrate it. The cv out from Yarns works perfectly though.

The calibration procedure affects the output voltage, not the frequency of the generated signal. It would affect the frequency if you had an oscillator connected to Yarns’ output.

Maybe you have enabled one of the transposition settings? What is the value of TT / TF (transposition, coarse and fine)?

TT was set to 1.