I have a confession to make. I Pre-ordered an Arturia Minibrute today.

I feel so ashamed.

Why embarrased? The guy that’s behind the design (Yves Usson) is knee deep in the synth DIY scene. I want one!

nice. make you can make a metalized-triangle user wavetable for the rest of us :slight_smile:

Don’t be ashamed of that! I haven’t yet, but parts of this summers (June to be more precise) tax return will go towards one. Where else do you get CV in/out plus USB and MIDI for sub 500€. Those places surely exist, but are far and few in between…

Yves Usson is cool guy, as can be judged from his DIY output. I hope the MB becomes a success and he gets royalties!

I’m leaning towards the Mopho keys instead. I think the included envelope follower (for external inputs) gave it the lead in the next purchase race. I’m hoping I can control the Shruthi from the knobs on the Mopho.

Why did you decide to go with the Minibrute? What were the features that sold you on it?


I was kidding about being ashamed. It’s my first non-DIY purchase in a while so…

Let’s see, I really like the sound of it. The Automatic Gainsay videos really sold me on the sound. I love the sliders. The oscillator section is different from anything else I have and they give you the extra shaping gizmos that are pretty interesting. I really like the sound of the filter and how flexible it is, and I know I’m going to make good use of the Brute feedback feature. That really spoke to me. On top of all that, it will make a geat convenient controller for my collection of little knob-laden plastic boxes. It’s going to make playing them a lot easier. And it’s not too expensive.

That was my thinking.

I haven’t really looked at the Mopho very carefully but off the top of my head, the MiniBrute is aluminum and metal, it is 100% analog, and it’s cheaper.

What he said :slight_smile:

Sweetwater has a great demo of the Minibrute on Youtube