Computer Recording Setup? Dual boot?

Just wondered what you guys use.
I used to have a rubbish internet laptop and an alright laptop for music. I always found that a computer with internet slows everything down
Ive just got a new laptop that I’m hoping to do both on. Its Winows7. I’m thinking about doing a dual boot or have a profile with background stuff disabled.
Has anyone else done this?

If you are only using windows, dual booting with a second operating system is pointless. Better off with a second profile set up purely for music production.

or just use a computer with no windows at all, replaced by a brilliant working setup under Linux…Tango Studio for example (but there are dozen of linux distros !)

Or just go with OSX where internet wont slow down anything…
Do we have mentioned all possibilities yet besides using no Computer at all?

Wait a second…you can do Things Without Computers!?

I’m seriously considering one of these just for recording. I’m at my wits end dealing with constant hassles like groundloops, faulty cables and flakey soundcards/drivers. I just want to switch-on, record everything and dump for editing.

Seems a decent choice?


If this doesnt bust your budged id suggest something like this + the DAW of your choice.

Yes I have looked very closely at that, but it’s probably overkill. Plus, I’d have to invest in a new laptop or tower to avail of the firewire.

Right now I’m tending towards the simplicity of the zoom. The features look good. I’d only want to record the dry audio and dump the wav files into a DAW for editing. Exceptional sound quality is not a priotiy as I’ll be roughing-it up anyway :slight_smile:


At the moment ive even been considering just recording straight to tape in a Ceephax Acid Crew fashion

the problem of having internet on the computer is actually not that it slows down the computer performances, it’s just that you cannot prevent yourself from going on facebook while working on music, right?
A simple “wifi on/off button” on your laptop is enough to solve most of this issue…

@stimresp: that’s the exact setup I use for recording live. Two inputs of the R16 with a pair of Rode NT-5’s in X-Y setup, and two more getting output from the FOH mixing desk. And just as you said I transfer the WAVs to my DAW to do the further processing.

I’m with MicMicMan: most modern computers won’t get slowed down appreciably by the Internet, and ‘ground loops’ and ‘faulty cables’ can still happen with a standalone recorder such as the Zoom.

It’s the Mutable Instruments forum that takes up my time, not the Internet itself


Infact the Internet delivers the MI Forum quite blazing fast here…

It’s not Internet delivery time that’s the problem Frank - it’s all the time I spend typing messages here


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Back on the rails however. I just got one of them new fangled i7 Macmini’s. I dual boot it between OS X and Win7 all the time. Works great, and it’s surprisingly speedy for something so redonkulously small.

Thanks. I think I’ll go for it.