Computer does not recognize CVpal

Hello! The is my first DIY build, second time soldering something together and I made a few mistakes (my soldering iron didn’t heat up to the proper temperature and I had the wrong gage of solder that I purchased at a hardware store). So I had to pull out some resistors and then with the help of a friendly person at the local Makerspace, replace the 2.2k resistor in the R8 position with one that he had on had, unfortunately it had a higher tolerance. Would this cause the computer not to recognize the CVpal? The friendly person also recommended I scrape between the USB input as my solder joints was pretty close to each other. I gave it my best effort on that. Any tips on troubleshooting this would be very appreciated. Thank you.

LED lights up when connected. I will check the diode and the left resistor.

What about the LED?

I dont have much experience. But it looks like one diode, that left standing resistor (and the led) are not completely soldered (trough to the other side of the board).

again i don’t know much, did you see this? about recognising bad solder joints.

Maybe its a good id to get some solder wick and the right solder type.
so that you can resolder the joints that did not cover the pads correctly.

I had another tech look over it and he says there is no clock signal going to the main IC, any ideas why that would be?

Yup - The quartz has a(t least one) cold solder joint.