Computer cluster that "creates" music

Original article (in Spanish, use Google Translator for other languages)

Summarizing: A computer cluster has been programmed to compose music using advanced biomimetics, artificial intelligence and genetic schemes (evolutive music).

Hear it in action (Youtube)

The result sounds really awful to me, but anyway, it’s a step forward in computer generated music…

My dog would destroy my speakers if I played that for more than 30 seconds. Maybe is this a pe(s)t control thing?

actually i’m kinda impressed. it’s not as repetitive as Satie, but i could listen to the whole video without being annoyed.

Why is it played by an orchestra?

poor computers. i think they are sad and condused.

This one is better:

eerily beautiful music although I didn’t have to sit through any of those pieces in their entirety - maybe turn down the ‘contemporary classical’ parameter a bit while cranking the ‘funkay’ knob

I would assume these pieces don’t sound nearly as good without the full expressive capabilities of these performers.

I frequently use generative processes to create musical ideas, which I then prune for the occasional gem - according to that CDM article this is like the mechanical turk version?

O.K., and now write an app for the MidiPal which does the same ;-))

That would be so awesome Mr_Robot…