Components in italy or near to reduce shipping costs

Here i’m …just a simple question there is a place in italy or in europe to reduce shipping costs to order all parts that are needed to make a full ambika?
Tks lots

You get free shipping with Mouser on orders over 65€.
That should not be hard to reach the 65€ limit with an Ambika project :wink:

You are building a 700€ DIY Project and worry about shipping costs within Europe?

Mouser or Farnell would be a good start, Reichelt is notoriously missing the nonpolarized Caps…

I would go for Mouser, as well (more choice on the displays, for instance).
Or you can use Reichelt and source the missing stuff (e.g. NP caps) on other european suppliers:

I am in Italy too and I order stuff all the time from Mouser, Reichelt, TME, Smallbear, Musikding. The trick is to bundle orders (or share them with friends).

And don’t worry about the customs with Mouser, they do a great job at taking care of that, and you’ll never pay any import taxes. Plus shipping is really fast. I was totally surprised.

Tks all guys!