Just wanted to mention that IMHO the Mutable Instrument manual are well-written, nicely organized, clear, and concise. They also manage to provide sufficient pointers for newcomers to Google for more background information if needed without dumbing things down. Great job!

+1 on that. (And I am definitely no synth wizard; only been playing for less than a year or so before building my Shruthi.)

Yes, definitely. Well done, and thanks for all the effort. The shruthi OM is definitely one of the nicer open source user documentations, I have seen a lot of far worse things out there.

Nevertheless something minor that might be improved: I printed my shruthi manual on a bw-laserprinter, and the “beige” in the grafics of “overview” and “controls and navigation” does not translate very well to a bw-print, it becomes a very very light grey :slight_smile: