Completed Blue Boards

Here’s one with blue boards. I can post more by request but I haven’t seen any yet so if anyone is curious… Here it is.

I left the protective plastic on the top and the back because I like the blue hue it brings and hey, it comes off easier than it goes back on.

Now I’m gonna need to read the manual. All those presets should keep me busy for a while though.

-Won’t show up above.

There it is!


congratulations, blue is gorgeous! Would you have rather bought a blue translucent plexi enclosure (even it was more expensive) ?


Thanks. Yeah, if it was an option at buying time.
But I really only intended to use this case temporarally. I’ve got Shrut(h)is all over the place that I’m still building cases for and they end up being used all exposed. I figure this way I can have one (with new features none the less) that’s contained until I get to it. I’m just wraping up the case designs for Saraswati and Platypus but there is plenty of hacking to be done still. I was going to hold off and incorporate the Shruthi-1 bit the larger sized pcbs means it will have to take on a redesign.

I’m not a big fan of clear things - ever since those clear Mac keyboards with the yellow keys. :).

But the case is nice and compact. Just be careful not to use too much pressure when tightening the screws. And by too much I mean finger twist tight. I don’t recommend tools. But that’s just radical advise.

Keep it loose is more practical.

The sammichSID uses knurled finish black top board screw with hex socket interiors. They look nice and hand tighten enough to hold it all together snuggly but not enough to crack acrylic.