Complete MI Systems

Was wondering if this was still on the horizon? There are quite a few MI modules on my list, wouldn’t mind a system dedicated to them. I vaguely remember reading that after the release of a certain run of modules, pre-built MI systems would be looked at as an option. Im guessing perhaps after the new unnamed modules come out?

Yes. The next task would be to design a power solution :slight_smile:

@jimi23: it’s rumoured that one of the new Mutable Instruments products which Olivier is working on will be called Rails, and that it’s multi-threaded.

And ‘Branches’, is it also still on the list? Or was it not intended for production (probably discussed here already, but I was not following so closely)?

Speaking of power, is one Volts enough for two MI modules next to each other? Yarns and Edges in this case.

(hi, first post)

Yeah, whatever happened to Shades and Branches?

> whatever happened to Shades and Branches?

They have been sent for manufacturing to the wrong place, in september. The “right” place for manufacturing (where Braids, Ripples, Grids, Edges, Frames, Yarns, Tides have been made) doesn’t accept small projects like that (unless you want a 175€ attenuator…), so we just have to pray that the “wrong” place will finally make those.

I guess Olivier exchanged the "supporting a hoard of Apes smoking his PCBs with burning sticks PITA "for the “small batch supply chain PITA”….

Oh, well that might explain the somewhat mysterious wait. Plus, a 175€ attenuator is a hard sell!

That is, unless it’s networked and labelled B&O or it comes from the hand-built in teh US peeps at STS with their proven track record of charging. A lot. Or if it sucks ass, has lots of dubious marketing and is named Bose.

Or you could use some bizzarro graphics with angled arrows and lightning bolts or something… or make it yellow and use a Tube. Then 175 Bucks for an Attenuator would be a real bargain.

If it even included the tube to begin with. :wink:

Thinking about, 175 for the tube alone is also feasible… if the Module would be 5U

I know that’s true. A bit on the cheap side though…

Not to be mean, but some 5U guys are convinced their choice of Spectrol pots and the wide berth of their panel spacing would make even one of their blank panels worth 75€$£… Add 100 if it has a vactrol, a pot and a LED between the input and output jack.

It’s good they can’t put wood sides on every panel!

I can put wood end-caps on every panel of a 5U synth. Any takers? Hand-made, American quality from only the finest wood compounds in the Ikea a bargain bin, haha. Stained to look vintage of course.

Aww yeah! That oughta double the asking price.

Some .com, Modcan, MOTM stuff in 5U is very high q and totally worth the asking price, but the way some 5U folks turn their noses up at what they perceive as “lesser” and cheap stuff in the Euro camp just rubs me the wrong way.

<praying for linear power!> :wink:

Any reason? If it’s a MI system, it’s not like it’ll have to power super finicky “power rails through carbon resistors = precision current sources” vintage analog designs.

There’s one born every minute… Yeah, let’s get an expensive, heavy room heater. Just, wow!