Coming soon from Mutable Instruments... Euro modules

Yes people, this is going to happen!

I have been very busy since september planning a roadmap of 10 eurorack modules to release. 4 of them are ready to get out of the pipeline (20 pieces of each are waiting for their panels at the factory; and the parts/assembly line are booked for more of them); 6 of them are in various design stages, at best a working board needing testing and firmware tweaks, at worst a routed PCB waiting to be built.

The first 4 products are:

  • A multi-synthesis voltage-controlled digital oscillator, featuring the same kind of stuff you’ve come to love from the Shruthi oscillators, but with more control, and a higher sound quality (ARM MCU instead of an AVR, 16-bit DAC, 96kHz to 384kHz internal sample rate).
  • A 4-channel chiptune-style digital oscillator (3 channels of square/pulse + 1 channel of NES edgy triangle, sine, or LFSR noise). With a built-in mini arpeggiator/sequencer.
  • A compact (8-HP) VCF/VCA using the 4P circuit (LP2, BP2, and LP4 outputs).
  • An extended version of Anushri’s drum sequencer with a built-in clock, a more complex model, and voltage-control over all parameters.

What will follow:

  • A 4-channel MIDI interface with some of the MIDIpal MIDI mangling/sequencing tools.
  • A VC-AR/VC-LFO/VC-DO with complex parametric waveshaping options.
  • A very curious mixer…
  • “Everything you’ve always wanted to do with triggers to turn them into CVs or audio”.
  • Some plumbing/routing modules.


This is brilliant and it’s the future. I want them all.

Thank you!

Die Katze ist aus dem Sack™

the shruthi osc and the vcf/vca modules sound great!
can’t wait to learn more about them (including pricing).

@fcd: not quite. not until we’ve seen some pics (and prices).

Or "how to get MI Fan base into the Modular world and conversely Modular addicts into other MI products " :slight_smile:

Smart move : I’m sure it is gonna help putting some well-served coinzz in the bank account and make even more projects happen !


Does the Price really matter? :wink:

I need to buy parts for my shruthi programmer, I need a new mixer, I found a cheap broken tr707, and now this… where is the money when I need it?

Its not gone, just someone else has it. Thats the original idea of Money :wink:

i like the sound of these two:
A very curious mixer…
“Everything you’ve always wanted to do with triggers to turn them into CVs or audio”.
bitten by the eurorack bug a year ago…

I have already warned my wife that a modular setup is my next goal

This might finally push me over the modular cliff.

I’m with piscione. It is hopeless now.

Im already falling. . . . MusicStore sent me a 10€ Coupon - THESE DAMN BASTARDS!

@ Frank: Hahaha, they play you for a sucker !

Don’t do it Frank, don’t do it!

Already to late

I didn’t have any plans of getting into the eurorack addiction until now… :S