Comic about electronic music makers and hackers

hmm I’ll have to think about it. less platforms I need to be on the better for me of course…
I’ll probably post everything on my blog anyway. Maybe organizing it into weekly digests of what I post on the social networks.
If anybody wants the RSS feed of my blog, here it is:

hey totally awesome! i just see this, although the first posts are from february.
i agree with Loderbast, Todd Bailey surely is exactly what you’re looking for here. wtpa1 has been developed to be an education project to get people started with hacking… just a look at his user manual shows how cool that guy is.

also, yeah Rob Hordyjk is definitely a circuit bending superhero (he holds his Benjolin workshops together with Joker Nies, attend one if you can get on the list!)

another cool and really nice guy i think of for his killer noise projects and crazy demo videos is Rykhaard whom many will know from the EM forums and his lunetta oriented deathlehem machine forum, aaah yes, Stanley Lunetta too, of course.
the list could probably be continued 40 pages hehe

thanks for all the inputs! I’ll carry on my research as soon as I’m done with the first draft of the plot. That’s the hardest part, but once that works I can start to add details to it!

… and if you have links to pages, videos or whatever, just send them, I’m hungry for material!

Love it-we need a synth-related comic that doesn’t cover the same territory as Dave Lovelace’s work, and this seems to fit the bill nicely.

May I suggest Tom Bugs/Bugbrand (of Weevil fame) for inclusion-at and

Work on the comic is going on very very slowly… but I’m doing quite a bit of research and I decided to open a tumblr to collect all the wonderful things I find on the way! If you like nerdy stuff (and I know you do) you can check it out here:

I decided to go with tumblr because it’s a very easy way to blog stuff, and people don’t have to be registered to follow you (it has a regular RSS feed, so you can add to google reader or whatever you use).

yeah Paul Maddox and Tom Bugs need to be in …

Grant Richter… Wiard…