Comic about electronic music makers and hackers

I’ve been working on this project for some time now, but the project is right now a bit on halt, since I’m having trouble finding the time to work on it, and some people just won’t react to emails.
Until now I’ve got a lot of written stuff but only one finished intro-page.
I’d like to show it to you, and ask you to tell me if I’m stating any bullshit here (like I don’t know if what I’m saying about the MidiBox project is totally correct like that).
You’ll also recognize someone you know quite well.

I’d like to emphasize on the fact that this is really just my very personal story. So I’m not saying these guys are the most important people on the DIY Bending scene, they were just the most important ones until now, for me personally.

here’s a big version of the page
and a small preview

Want - MORE!

i like the idea.

i was already thinking that a action-hero comic with heros like “DR. Buchla”, “Marvelous Moog” and so on would be a blast. (maybe it is a good thing, i can`t draw…)

i have one remark:

are you sure, Gijs Gieskes is from Sweden ??
Because of the .nl domain, i thought he was from netherlands. i think also the sender adress on a kit i got from him said netherlands, but i can be wrong.

Really cool. Definitely inspiring to go look more into those guys.

Some small corrections:
cell 2: “jears” should be "years"
Roth Mobot cell: “though” should be “thought”

Thanks for the feedback! Gives me motivation to work on it some more!

@fcd72: well, as a little teaser, I’ve already made an interview with Olivier, which I think turned out pretty good, I’m working on drawing that one.

@loderbast: A DR. Buchla vs. Marvelous Moog comic would be total fun! hahaha Anyway, you’re totally right, don’t know why I was thinking of Sweden… he totally is from Norway! :slight_smile:

@randy909: thanks for pointing at the typos, there’s probably more, I’ll have someone reading it carefully

Cool! Although I think mr Gieskes is still based in the Netherlands. Lots of ppl there go tired of the overcrowding and move to Sweden, but it’s still a Dutch name and domain. Also, out of Holland we have Rob Hordijk and the Benjolin :smiley:

Sweden does Propellerhead Software, Clavia/Nord, Elektron, Teenage Engineering and in the less commercial corner we for have Sock-OS for the Xoxbox for instance. I like how our guru TK chills in front of an old CRT screen instead of in front of his MBP and iPad combo of lately, it’s more old-school that way. Sammich! MB-6582 and MB-SEQv4. Yarr!

Anywho, I’m rambling as usual. Please bring us more! And more on Olivier who’s a hero!

@jojjelito: well actually .nl is netherlands, now that I look it up. Blimey! This was one chain of confusion, I confused no with nl, then moved it a bit to the south to Sweden… hmm… that’s what happens when you work too much.
Thanks for pointing that out, sometimes you have the error in front of you and you don’t see it because you have been staring at it for too long.
And the TK drawing… that’s taken from an actual photo of him (one of the few I could find) where he sits in front of one of those now really retro looking CRTs!

Moog & Buchla were/are great, but I really like the idea of celebrating the latest generation of synth makers. If you are going to do a panel on early pioneers, don’t forget Serge Tcherepnin.

There are also a lot of very interesting figures in the modular world.

Before you go too far in this project: beware of egos.

i know, this is only the teaser, and there probably are more people you thought of,
but in case you forgot, make sure you consider:

… there are more important people (imho), but these are the ones i can think of right now.

Thorsten Klose. “…until now.”

Not an error just choice of words.

Kinda sounds like someones putten 'em to rest.

I can probably thank movie trailers and used car commercials for hearing it this way.

But you asked.

Definitely dig it.

TK almost single-handedly transformed the SID from an oddity into something useful! But he doesn’t seem like one who brags.

Then we have early synth makers from all over, plus the chip people like Dave Rossum (SSM then E-mu), Doug Curtis and Bob Yannes (SID then Ensoniq).
The current crop of synth makers are interesting since there isn’t to much bio on them. Kudos!
Don’t forget Riun & Wesen or Jered Flickinger of Future Retro, or Ken Macbeth fer instance. Or…

Nahh, simply bring us more please!

Don’t forget Dieter Döpfer - he would make a great geeky Comic… or Wolfgang Palm and his wonderful(l) Hair…

Oh man, I didn’t realize word was out about my boy Seb beyond the chip world!

This is so cool! Great work so far!

Thanks for the lots of comments! I really appreciate it. I just wanted to point out that I’m focusing mainly on people who hack and mess around in their basements, and I’m also focusing on people who are doing it now. People who do circuit bending, reprogram old computers, devolp synths and release them as kits and so on, the handmade aspect is really important to me. So someone like Ken Macbeth does not really fit in for instance, nor does Dieter Döpfer. Not that I don’t think they did and still do great things, but it’s not really my concept to talk about these people.
Though I admit that the borders are really blurred. Most people started in their basements soldering stuff by hand…

@loderbast: People like Tim Kaiser and 8bit ventures are totally on my list! Funny thing you mention them, since the MSSIAH is what got me started with all this!

@bleo: well I’m not really an outsider to the chip world! And the other thing is, that he really did some great hacking work (besides being a very interesting musician, who is somehow able to get far beyond the chiptune clichè)

Yeah, good stuff. More! And not forgetting one of the best all analog synth kit designers, Ray Wilson with Music From Outer Space! Ive got my eye on the Sound Lab Mini-Synth MKII for my next project.

Some time has passed and little progress has been made regarding this project. I’ve been really busy (and still am) trying to solve some work-related issues and working on going freelance as an illustrator.
Anyway the project is still active, and I’ve recently gone back to work on it on a more regular basis.
I’ve opened a page on Facebook:
and one on Google+ Music Makers of the World on Google+
to write a sort of work-in-progress diary of the project. I will also write about DIY, synths, circuit-bending, hacking, modding and making in a musical sense.
If you’re on those platforms please like, follow or bookmark it.
Also if you think I should use any other platform to do what I’m doing there, let me know! (I was thinking about tumblr, but I’m not really sure).

Just Liked you on Facebook :wink:


Hey, will you also make it available outside of those “platforms”? I would really like to read it.

yes, wouldn’t be a problem… I’m currently trying to find the best option. Suggestions? As I said tumblr could be a good solution, since you can use it like a regular blog, and people not on tumblr can just subscribe to it using the RSS feed
Otherwise I can use my current personal blog for it or open a new one on

btw. for those of you on facebook, you can friend me there as well:

Cool :slight_smile:
You could use your very nice existing blog or make a second one if you want to keep them separate.