Colored Custumized Cases [October 2K12 Batch !]

Yo Guys,

as there seems to be demand for colored cases i’m going to do a small run of translucent colored cases.
There will be available

10 9 5 pcs in Dark Translucent Blue
5 pcs in Ruby Translucent Red
5 4 pcs in Dark NEUROPA Translucent Grey
3 2 pcs in Orangina Translucent Yellow on stock
3 2 0 pcs in Light Translucent Blue on stock … 5 will be reordered so 5 4 are available

Cases are 100% the original Mutable Instruments Form Factor as seen on the Store. You may choose either Slot or Hex Sidepanels and your favourite Custom engraving (or None) on the Front Panel, on the Top Panel the Standard Mutable Instruments Engraving. Cases will come with the Standard Accessories Pack with Screws + Clear Stick on Feet.

As i have to order new Plexi you will have to bear the Shipping + Handling so the Slot Version will start at 28€ and the Hex version will start at 35€ + Shipping to wherever you want.

If you want further Customizations (additional Holes for Whatever, different Ventilation Holes, special Engravings…) just let me Know…

To order drop me a mail to daniels ät daniels - cards dot de

Uhm - expect delivery earliest mid May for colors not on stock…

from left to right: Dark Translucent Blue, Light Translucent Blue, Orangina Translucent Yellow

from left to right: Ruby Translucent Red, Dark Translucent Blue

Dark NEUROPA Translucent Grey

Hmm, time to move this one over in the derailed section :smiley:

@Rosch - True, but like i said, it is unlikely that they will be peaceful observers just out for a ride… It would be really awesome if they were, but unlikely… :frowning:

@Jojjelito -Jup, correct translation :slight_smile:

Last time i checked, aliens still use old ARPs.


Probably the thing is true about not meeting them is better, but i would like to hear their synths. If their technology is so advanced, maybe they found a way to have a nice user interface for fm synths and found some whole other synthesis methods.

I wouldn’t discount alien UFOs either, they’re just not that probable :slight_smile: The so-called human-made UFOs are mostly suss. Your expression got translated to judge others by your own standard. The same in Swedish would mean: The way you know yourself (to be, act, think etc) is the way you know others.

well, if you have seen a UFO and not just up in the sky but 5 meters above your head, it’s not anymore a matter of believing.
regarding ET’s, haha, everybody tends to judge others by their own experience (i don’t know how to say it in english, in german it is “von sich auf andere schließen”). just because humans are shit and killers and rapists and conquerors, that doesn’t mean others are as shitty too. especially if they have a technology incomparable to ours, which (ours) is exclusively military technology (at least based on)

I think you’re right. Also, all that weird speculation about super weapons, secret planes like the Aurora, or the TR3A/B is people wanting to believe. I wouldn’t discount the possibility of advanced, black projects, but come on!

Still, gimme the much nicer and faster YF-23 any day over the currently known stealth junk!

@toneburst I’m guessing they used sparklers, maybe out of focus sparklers… (The camera, not some magical out of focus sparkler)

As for UFO’s - no idea, but whoever it was that said that we were better of not meeting any ET’s : I agree with him(believe it was mr.Hawking).
Why?Because the likelihood of them being peaceful observers like ex. the Enterprise are extremely small+their technology would probably beat ours by several hundred years…

Looking at that video, there are certain point where it seems pretty obvious that what they’re seeing is something small, close-up, rather that something big, far away. For it to be a distant object, moving in such an erratic manner, it would have to be moving ridiculously fast, and pulling some ridiculous Gs, changing speed/direction. While I admit there are some bits I can’t explain, given the 30 seconds or so I devoted to thinking about it, I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable (an more importantly, SIMPLE) explanation for the whole thing, without inventing conspiracies etc. The fundamental truth behind the whole UFO cult, it seems to me, is that if people want to believe something, they will, no matter how tenuous the evidence. The same principle applies in many other areas of life, in my experience.

Call me a cynic…


Weather balloons people! Theses are all highly-classified high-altitude weather balloons (HCHAWB).

Is a UFO a special kind of LFO?

I think so. What does your “Paris By Night” picture show?

I think a UFO is just a LFO with pretty blinkenlights :slight_smile:

Or the other way round, a LFO is a UFO + some photoresistors :slight_smile:

Yay, part Area 51, part Vactrol :slight_smile: Can’t go wrong with that combination. Of course there are more open, exposed photoresistors than Vactrols, but I doubt those would be happy with the exposure to the exotic UFO radiation.

i want to buy two cases. i have problems to sent you a email. my emails returned to sender.

is it possible that you get in contact with me?

my email adress is polyfusion ät web dot de



Just ordered Plexi…

anyone interested in Brown Translucent?

Yo Guys,

originally i planned to ship your cases latest today, but no Plexi so far… it was a bit delayed cause of a rather unusual 70ies color ordered, but i got today a notification that its been shipped. So I apologize for the delay, i hope UPS only takes the usual 2 days so i can ship your Orders before the Weekend…

Update: Plexi is here, all paid cases will leave here tomorrow, will drop each one of you the DPD tracking number…

Do you have any green translucent plexi in at the moment, fcd72, just out of interest?


yes, there is some grey - greenish left. its the only translucent green there is from evonik…