Colorblindness and multicolor LEDs (Stages)

My colorblindness almost entirely prevents me from distinguishing a red from a yellow from a green led, so bi/tricolor led indicators are a huge problem. I struggle with my Octatrack over this (typically just avoid certain types of trigs). If I could have it my way, I’d prefer a one-led-per=function/range.

Unsure if I would get along with Stages, I was happily surprised to find an alternate mode-indicator method (slider LED off/on/blinking when GATE is unpatched). I didn’t find this feature in the documentation. This feature really helps me out a lot.

Coulnt you retrofit your stages with other leds as well?

Hannes has been collecting feedback from a couple of other colorblind users to see what would be the preferred option - blinking patterns or intensity modulation.

In any case, I’ll release a color-blind version of the firmware. Same for Marbles and Rings.


That’s the thing… The green/yellow/red traffic signal standard, combined with the fact that blue LEDs are a fairly recent thing, means that the ratio of green/red dual LED to other colors is 100 to 1. Once you factor availability, assembly constraints, and LED driver constraints, you’re stuck with red/green. If it was simply a matter of using a different part, I would do a small batch of modules with alternate LED colors each time.


This would be awesome…thank you Olivier!

edit: FWIW I imagine blinking would be better than intensity, but either way I’m grateful for the assist.

Ah that makes sense. Pretty cool of you to actually come up with a solution for those guys and girls living with colourblindness :+1:t3:

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<3 :slight_smile:


There’s just one big disadvantage to going with blinking patterns: we’d like to “retrofit” all of the current Mutable modules that employ the green-yellow-red scheme for mode and config selection, this also includes modules that already use blinking patterns for different types of feedbacks (eg. alternate modes on Rings, scale selection on Marbles). LED intensity, while not perfect does work around that. Also it’s more relatable to the colours on the panel. While most colourblind people do not see an actual difference in colour on the panels, the purple looks darker than the turquoise, which can be linked to a darker or brighter LED.
We’re in the final stage of figuring details out, if you want to contribute your personal experience to it, just send me a PM, or contact me via this form here: Papernoise – Graphic design for the world of music


Excellent, and thanks for explaining that. I’m keen on seeing what comes. :slightly_smiling_face:

As a participant and recipient of this initiative I wanted to say thanks for taking the time and trouble to do this. Its always shocking to me how many people have some degree of color blindness but most will not acknowledge. Im promoting strongly in the Colorado Modular Synth Society and many of the members are very grateful and appreciative.
Thx to you and Hannes for your hard work on this.
PS - just upgraded the firmware for Rings and its a huge step forward for me. The colors are essential and I really couldn’t use them at all originally