Code for Shruthi Synth

Hello Ollivier, Hope you are good. My circuit diagram is almost complete just with few alterations in the circuit. For LFO, I am using Schmitt trigger and for filter using teensy. Now, I need code of shruthi synth and I have few more things to ask you. If I need to route LFO to Osc pitch in STM, can I use ADs and I2C bus to alternately change the internal wiper value inside i2c for the varying lfo from the Schmitt trigger and I have connected to the STM analog inputs via ADs and I2C

Why alter a perfectly good synth? What are you hoping to accomplish, that couldn’t be accomplished by modifying the original firmware a bit? Why not simply route the internal LFO -> Pitch?

Yes, I know it is possible to do that. But I want an external lfo to route this thing.

Well, the code is freely available, but somewhat approaching the limits of what’s possible, as far as I remember. It’s certainly possible for you to take a look at it, and consider if there’s still space and cycles left to do what you want, and possibly strip out bits that you don’t need :slight_smile:

The code is here:

As Olivier said, good luck! Porting it from the 8-bit Atmel platform to an STM32 platform is probably possible, but there will almost certainly be hurdles along the way. It isn’t clear why you might want to do that, except perhaps as a learning exercise.

A (functionally equivalent) port would be kind of pointless IMHO. A complete rewrite with new and higher fidelity oscillator algorithms and wavetables (Braids) that utilize higher bit depth and computing power etc would be far more interesting (and more challenging of course).