CME Xkey37

With an additional octave and a good old DIN MIDI breakout cable, this thing suddenly starts to look interesting.

Interesting, I’d like to try it out. Might screw up an old-school piano player like me 'though.

Gear news? Or is there anything specifically shruthi-esque in this?

Oops sorry. Moved it into the proper category, I hope. That should teach me trying to post stuff from my iPhone. :wink:

I thought this was going to be about the CME keyboards with an expansion port. I see that Waldorf do a wavetable expansion board for them, which I suspect is a Blofeld on a card. (Edit: It’s actually a Micro Q design?). Can’t save sounds though? bah!


@pichenettes Please let me know if you feel I’m posting too much off-topic nonsense.

$200.00! Nope, not quite as interesting.

Nice, but $200.00… If you have the space to spare you could add a little and trade up to a Poly-AT Ensoniq SQ-80 (beware of clacky keys, fixable) or something in the VFX family: VFX/VFX-SD/SD-1.

On the other hand, this wins on portability, hands down.

I was thinking about getting an Alesis ION. I can use it as a small controller for the modular and it has a cool synth engine too.

Ion or Micron?

You should look for a microQ Keyboard if you want a decent small excellent Keyboard with a nice SynthEngine. + its super sturdy and has these extremely practical Aluminium Sidespanels

A MicroQ is small, but still a lot bigger and heavier than a Micron.

You might however be able to convince me to let go of my spare MicroQ Keyboard since the JX-8P appears to be unsellable…

Oops, Micron. I have been considering the Micron because they are available used quite often, between $200 and $300 USD, which I could manage once I’m working again, and you don’t see too many Micro Qs on the used market. @t2k, whereabouts are you located, just out of curiousity?

Aluminum side panels!? How can it sound warm and analog without wood side panels?

It doesn’t sound analog and warm. But it doesn’t sound digital harsh and cold, also. The Qs have their own distinctive sound, best described as neutral yet organic.
The Sidepanels are designed to be used as handle, you you can easily carry around the µQk

Ah, makes sense.

I like to refer the the sound of my Micro Q as “organic digital”. I’m in Amsterdam.

I planned on using the micron mainly as a nice compact keyboard for other synths and ended up loving it´s own sound so now I need another compact keybed.

Amsterdam is a bit far for shipping, I’m in Canada.