Im having real trouble getting any sound from Clouds. I have tried everything. This is a replacement because I thought the original I had might have been faulty. I have tried different leads, cables. my system works fine until I plug it into clouds. There just appears to be no output. I thought it might have been the bus board…tried the other (I have a doepfer case with 2 buses), but its the same. I have collaberated it with my keyboard…I think…I have no sound to verify that. It cant be that bloody hard to use Am I missing something here? I have checked the cable is on the right way and in position properly. Please help someone…otherwise the modular might well go through the window ha ha

I am coming from the audio output of a Roland System 1m, through clouds and into the mixing desk…is there any known issues with connecting the two together? Does clouds need to go through a VCA first?

Input level up on clouds?

Let’s start with the basics…

Can you post a picture of your setup? Have you tried other cables? What kind of cable do you use to go from Clouds to the mixer? (issue with balanced inputs?)

What are you sending to Clouds’ input?

Im sending the L audio output of the Roland System 1m to the clouds module. Input 1. from the output L of clouds I am going into mixing desk channel one. Input level is up. I am able to control all levels going into clouds. I am getting signal to clouds no problem…just not from clouds. All the lights are working fine etc. I am using a mono to mono 3.5 mm jack to go from Roland System 1m to clouds module. I use a 3.5mm mono to 6mm mono jack to go from Clouds output to mixing desk…the system works fine if I take the L audio output from Roland straight to mxing desk bypassing the clouds.

Have you tried other cables?

What is the dry/wet blend set to?

Where is the density set?

I have tried other cables, I set the gain level and then tried everything…but get nothing. Is this the wrong thing to do? I can monitor the level coming in alright because of the LED’s

There is the possibility that I am being a complete arse and over looked something…but I have tried everything I can think of.

Which other modules do you have in your rack? Are you sure Clouds is correctly powered?

I have only just started my rack…6U Roland System1-m takes the top row…and Clouds on the bottom. I am using the portable Doepfer A-1-00 case/power supply/bus boards. Is there anything else that needs to be done in order to power it properly?

Do both the +12V and -12V LEDs light up on the power distribution board?

I’d like to see a photo of your setup too. If it’s something obvious you have forgotten… It might help.

There’s obviously something odd with your setup. It was already unlikely that a brand-new Clouds would have no audio output (they are factory tested of course), but that two of them have the exact same failure… no way!

Set the blend control (when in blend mode) to 12 o’clock.
Can you hear the DRY signal (from system-1m) when it’s passed thru clouds?

Sorted. As predicted…like a complete gimp. I thought I was using 3.5mm mono to 6mm mono jack lead from L output of clouds…but I was using a 3.5mm stereo to 6mm mono…well it seems to work fine now…with a mono to mono lead…I wonder why!? ha ha