Clouds wobbly knob fix?

So I previously owned 2 Clouds modules with steady gain knobs. I never ever had any problem with them as they always felt sturdy. Now I bought a Clouds module again which has a rather annoying wobbly gain knob of which I today learned is ‘normal’. But how did I not have any of these wobbly knobs before? Did something change during a production year or is there a workaround?

According to the bom list, it’s a Bourns PTV112-4420A-A503. I found a similar version which has a thread and nut. Was this perhaps used later on?

The first 250 (or maybe 500 units) had a GAIN knob with a plastic shaft and no threading, because the MOQ for the “right” part was 2000 pcs, and I certainly did not expect to sell that many units.

Later on, when the module became successful, I switched to the part with threading and adjusted the PCB footprint for it. Not sure which similar part you’re referring to, but the PCB footprint might not be compatible!

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Ok, thanks a lot for your explanation!

actually how many Clouds units were built…? just curious…

A bit less than 8500.


Well didn’t expect the numbers to declare the success of Clouds (as I own one too, from the ones with the wobbly gain) but reading this number was really interesting!
Great work, a module of art and a module that created a whole school!
Off topic a little bit…
Now back in the topic I own one with the wobbly gain knob but never had any problems…