Clouds wobbly knob fix?

So I previously owned 2 Clouds modules with steady gain knobs. I never ever had any problem with them as they always felt sturdy. Now I bought a Clouds module again which has a rather annoying wobbly gain knob of which I today learned is ‘normal’. But how did I not have any of these wobbly knobs before? Did something change during a production year or is there a workaround?

According to the bom list, it’s a Bourns PTV112-4420A-A503. I found a similar version which has a thread and nut. Was this perhaps used later on?

The first 250 (or maybe 500 units) had a GAIN knob with a plastic shaft and no threading, because the MOQ for the “right” part was 2000 pcs, and I certainly did not expect to sell that many units.

Later on, when the module became successful, I switched to the part with threading and adjusted the PCB footprint for it. Not sure which similar part you’re referring to, but the PCB footprint might not be compatible!

Ok, thanks a lot for your explanation!