Clouds with guitar?

So I just picked up a Pittsburgh modular patch Box. It’s basically a modular synthesizer case in a stomp Box format for the Guitar. Was wondering if anybody had any tips or cool ideas/settings I could jump into? I just have a clouds for now but will be adding a rings and ripples shortly. Thanx​:om::v:


Welcome! Is this your first foray into modular synths?

While you have picked some fantastic modules, I strongly suspect you our are going to want some modulation sources, potentially some compact ones. Probably also some way to attenuate/ attenuvert your modulations. Don’t worry, I suspect you are already having a blast just turning knobs on Clouds. That’s how I started in eurorack myself.

I often recommend the Korg SQ-1, a sequencer, as the price is right and it lives outside your rack. Keep reading forums, watching videos, listening to music (not just module demos :slight_smile:), and experimenting!

Hope this helps! Hopefully some others will share their thoughts as well.


May I humbly suggest a Maths to go along with that SQ-1. I will refrain from extolling Maths many virtues as has been done so many times, but It’s a good module for unlocking everything in your modular.


Stages and Shades might be a good combination. You can “fake” a random sources by modulating one LFO channel of Stages with another, the waveform will be deterministic but when sampled randomly by Clouds it does the job. You can also create fast 2 or 3-step sequences, which attenuated by Shades can be fed to Clouds’ V/O input for creating chords.


I going to chime back in to share my sense that utility/plumbing modules really contribute to keeping modular interesting, flexible, and open-ended.

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Here’s a couple of videos I found awhile back which inspired me to combine guitar and Clouds, and then one with Ripples. I have really enjoyed incorporating my external equipment (other synths, guitar, pedals, etc) via line-in modules, and sending the modular stuff out as well.

I tend towards ambient/dreampop/bvdub style stuff so being able to run guitar in and the results out is fantastic!




This is a huge help thank you. Is kind of hard for me to explain what I’m looking to do being so new at all of this.

So I am absolutely new to all of this. That being the case I’m realizing I don’t even think I know how to explain in words what I’m trying to do. Ha. It’s funny because I actually have done tons and tons of research only to find out I need to do quite a bit more. Lol. Ideally though I suppose I want to incorporate a lot of these instruments ghostly and organic “realistic” sounds with my guitar in real time in a very usable and musical way. Add another Dimension if you will to wat my guitar already is?

see all those knobs? all you’re doing is getting CV to wiggle em for you. until you’re comfortable with what you want to do, there’s nothing wrong with manually playing to see what happens. several years ago i put my guitar through clouds to sample and chop it up and through rings for some nice distortion. don’t think i had anything automated at this point, still exploring possibilities.

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Someone posted an amazing clouds patch on muffwiggler early this year (I think), that had Clouds responding to quantized noise as it processed guitar input. Clouds was adding these quantized trails to the guitar. It was the coolest clouds patch I’ve ever heard and inspired me to buy a clouds. But I haven’t been able to find that post since…

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I feel extremely presumptuous even wondering if that generous description fits the recording I posted on Muff Wiggler a while ago but… formally it does? :grimacing: Guitar into Clouds, with Clouds’ 1V/oct modulated by noise quantised to a chord (by a Doepfer A-156).


That’s the one! Gorgeous patch; thank you so much.

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:blush: No thank you!

Another good modulation source you might consider is Pamela’s New Workout.

It’s particularly good if you need things tempo synced. 8 outputs of triggers, gates, LFOs etc. Hugely configurable and has onboard attenuation, which is particularly useful with Clouds. Also has some probability parameters which I love for adding a bit of unpredictability to patches.

I started out with exactly that - a Pitts pacth box, filled with Clouds, Peaks, SSF URA, and SSF/WMD Ultrafold (and my guitar of coruse). While not exactly a perfect 42HP setup, or what I would choose now, it was lots of fun. Even recorded an experimental album with it.

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This made me remind that one of the first demos that were made for Clouds was actually a (cigar box) guitar processed through the modular.


Yeah this is definitely sick and What i’m looking for!

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I’d like to hear some of that, sounds awesome.

This is the album:
Misnomer III. and IV. have since also been released with an expanded modular system, but nr. II. features the exact setup I mentioned, plus maybe some guitar effects like delay, drive etc.