Clouds - when will it be available to buy?

Any idea when the next batch of clouds will be sent out to online stores? I,ve had a preorder for clouds with since September (got my elements from them the end of sept) but the ship date for clouds keeps slipping - again today it gone back to nov 7th ( it started at the end of sept, then was meant to be 28th October - now November) when I ask them about it they say the dates they are being told keep changing - any idea when they will get a shipment of clouds (and in turn I’ll get mine)
So desperate to get my hand on one!

Before the end of november.

Thanks. Not too much longer! :slight_smile:

anybody got any suggestions where I might be able to get a clouds sooner? - just got back to me - saying the expected delivery date is 20th December! Anyone know another European store that might have one sooner??? or anyone want to sell one?

i am in the same situation, wanna get my hands on clouds asap…

any sitting around mutable HQ, that need a new home?

No. Even I don’t have one.

wow - they must be popular - thanks for the reply

fyi - looks like rubadub is getting some in tomorrow.

Yes, shipped a big batch to them today. Juno, MeMe Antenna and Perfect Circuit audio are next.

I bought one on ebay a few weeks ago, had to ship it over from the US and pay import tax too.

It’s not mine, and not an official build, but there’s a DIY one sitting on UK ebay at the moment if you just can’t hold out.

Edit: Also looks like Rubadub here in Scotland are back in stock this afternoon!

Rubadub have stock. I’m going to pick one up today.

yay, rubadub still have stock, I’m going to pick one up tomorrow

If you know a place closer to Italy that has some in stock please post here, I need to find one for my bandmate.

Still waiting for mine from schneider’s since late september. Previous batch was already sold out before they get the modules…I’m in line for the next…End of november…Almost there I hope !

Yes! Boards are baked!

Thanks for the reply Pichenettes my Warps is waiting for his new rack neighbour…

Hello there, I’ve been looking in the USA for a Clouds, stores are all showing back ordered. Some list an ETA of mid-February. Any idea of when the next batch will make it over here? To Perfect Circle to me more precise…Thanks for making this very popular device, can’t wait to get one in…