Clouds wet signal pitched low and noisy/distorted sound

Recently my Clouds module started sounding not as I’m used to. The wet signal is (at least) an octave lower compared to the incoming signal, with the pitch knob set to 12 o’clock. The wet signal also sounds noisy/distorted (set to 32kHz mono). As I tend to confuse the blend/load buttons for changing to alternate modes, audio quality and such I thought I might’ve f’d up calibration. Recalibrated, however, to no avail. Doesn’t seem logical immediately to me, but should I perhaps re-up firmware?

This looks like a calibration problem.

Don’t do that. Why do you think re-installing the firmware would solve the problem? If the firmware is corrupted, the module won’t boot.

Lol, and I was worried you’d ask me why the heck I thought recalibrating would be a good idea. Note that I mentioned that it didn’t ‘sound logical immediately to me’. Anyhoo, measured and recalibrated and pitch is fine now. But the noise, or what you might call ‘saturation’, remains. Saved buffers that I loaded of which I know sounded fine before also suffer from it. What would the next logical step be?

Can you post a recording?

Hope this helps:

I solely use it in the second mode (pitch shifter).
The last example is a loaded buffer which normally sounds really smooth.

I guess you’ll have to return the module for me to have a look! Please use the contact form on the website.

Ok, thanks!