Clouds + violin

I am new to this forum and just wondering if there’s possible to play electric violin with mutable instruments hardware, or those are completely different universes. I can’t find a thing about mutable instruments and violins (only a couple of things with synth)

You can process any audio sound source with a module like Clouds, Rings, Warps or Elements.

What’s special about violin is that it keeps both hands busy! Maybe you should consider using an expression and/or a switch pedal and a Doepfer A177-2 to control some of the module’s parameters while you play. A minimal system would include Clouds, a modulation source, and that interface.


I understand that. My idea is to use one pedal for looping and at that moment of time (when everythingt’s on the loop) change the parameters, like Dub FX and other guys. Do you have any experience or the guys who play the violin?

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No I don’t know anyone who has actually tried this before you.

Btw you could consider equivalent pedals (say Panda Particle) instead of going full modular!

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It sounds like a wonderful idea and i second the footswitch advice!
Im sure warps with its many algorithms would make a great violin processor too.

I’ve done things with an electric Cello and clouds. One thing i really liked is sequencing V/Oct melodies while playing through clouds. And clouds can act as a granular live looper too of course.
Make sure you can get a proper signal into clouds.
Do you use piezo pickups on the violin?

This might be of inspiration:


Oh yessssss

I have processed bowed bass guitar through Clouds to good effect, and looped/processed my voice as well. I found that the best results were obtained by either using it as an insert effect (with suitable cables) or wired as a bus effect to my desk

I’ve never played electric violin) what to say about devices. I was looking through these yesterday. The good thing is they are not expensive. I am calculating how much it will be after all

Papernoise, thanks for the video :slight_smile: That’s what I was talking about)

Thanks for sharing. Which type of violin did he play?

it seems useful.

You could install VCV rack on your computer and send recorded violin through the Clouds module to see if it produces the types of sounds you want. My wife plays violin, but not electric.

One thing you might want to consider is one or more expression pedals. Other people make modules that will let you integrate expression pedals with modular.

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