Clouds Troubleshooting

Hello everyone,

I’ve bought a clouds and update it with the parasite firmware (with the audio way).

Everything works well for 7 months but last week the module began to work weirdly.
When I push the load / save button, the freeze button light up too and the led of the parameter start to blink …

So I decided to update it with the “basic” firmware (with the audio way).
It works but I still have the freeze button light problem.

I bought a STlink V2 for updating the parasite firmware on my clouds.

I success to do all the process of this link (see under) until "make -f clouds/makefile upload "

When I writte this command in the terminal and press ENTER, I see some line of code scrolling on the terminal and then at the end, the 4 LEDs of the module light up every their turn (I think it’s normal) but the module is still in the "basic " firmware and I still have the freeze button issue.

Maybe that when I write the command, the terminal didn’t erase the old firmware?

If some one could help me I’d really be very grateful


I might be missing something here but this is the normal behavior of the module. The FREEZE button lights up because you can only load a buffer when it’s frozen (otherwise its content will be erased in a few seconds), and the blinking LEDs indicate which buffer (#1, #2, #3 or #4) is to be loaded.

Or maybe you have a mechanical problem on the load/save button causing it to record a double press when you press it?

Ah ok I didn’t know because it didn’t work like that with the parasite firmware…
I don’t think that the button record two pression.

Could you help me for updating it with the JTAG way ?

Thank you really much

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