Clouds texture knob : no sound below 11 o'Clock

Hi there,

My first post on this forum. I’ve done my best to search if this question has already been asked and did not find anything. Apologize if this is a duplicate of another topic.


When using the (of course wonderful) Clouds I always get not sound when blend mode is fully wet and texture knob is below 11 o’clock (approximately) . This gives me the impression than only half of the knob (that is past 11 o’clock) is working.
One other solution (much more likely) is that i do not understand properly what the texture knob is supposed to do. The problem may also be related to the type of sound that I am using as input.

Hope someone will have time to help me on that.



Hi Remi

are you saying you are getting no sound what so ever with the texture knob at between 11 and 7 o clock? What are you feeding into Clouds? Also what are the other parameters set to?

Hi rumblin_cynth_rampo,
Thanks for your answer.

That is why I notice : no sound between 7 o’clock and 11 o’clock. The closer I get to 11 o’clock the dimmer the output gets (with barely only very low frequencies).
I’ve tried to feed clouds with many different inputs (usually sounds from my iphone) : drum loops, voices, complete mixed songs.
My settings are : blend know fully engaged in the dry-wet mode (first led).
I’ve tried many different settings for the other knobs: freeze on or off, different positions, size and diffusion and it does not change anything. I also have nothing modulated from the outside.

It’s a quite long time ago that i used Spectral Madness, but i remember the Texture knob doing something similar to what you described. You are sure you are in Clouds Main Granular Mode and not in an alternative one?
In another alternative mode Texture is for HP/LP.
If factory firmware: press button B (mode select) for 5 secods and confirm the 1st LED is lit
If Parasites: “To switch mode, press both black buttons simultaneously. LEDs will blink orange; you can then press the Blend or Load/Save button to navigate forward/backward into the modes.”

That is it : I was in the infamous “spectral madness” mode… #wasteOfTime #noobQuestion
thanks for your help Nino !!