Clouds supply

Hi everybody! does anyone know if it’s possible to use a common 12v powersupplyer? what do i need to do that? I m building a little box for the Clouds to use it as a portable effect

I would like to undestand wich kind of power supplyer would i need or how can i weld it directly on the board

All you would need is a power supply that meets the power requirements of the module.

The pinout for the euro socket I think is printed on the board or if not you can figure it out with schematics.

There are a few compact power sources you could add too:

you will need an ac-ac wall wart (as stated in this product´s page) but you would be good to go.

Bear in mind that you will need to attenuate signals to use Clouds outside of modular levels.

Thank you very much, can i find a power supplyer like that in a shop? i mean an already builded one!
So you can not put a normal audio signal into the clouds without attenuate it?

You can put a normal audio signal into clouds but it will be a bit soft. Modular signals are a lot hotter than normal line signals so the output of clouds may be to hot for your equipment. It depends what you want to connect it too. Guitar pedals and such can’t handle modular signals most pro audio interfaces can cope with it. You could combine clouds with a Veils for boosting/attenuating input/output. And also get a Peaks (or other LFO/modulation module) for the necessary modulation of clouds parameters. You could use Clouds on it’s own but you are missing 60% of the fun that way.

ok, that would be a temporary solution, i wanted to use a dreadbox heades for lfo/modulation and send and return audio in and out the clouds with a mixer. is it stupid?

audio from another source, not from the hades

No not stupid. I think it should work. You could also consider Doepfer mini case for powering and housing clouds.

Thank you very much guys! Always kind and competent people here!

where can i read something about line audio signal compared to Modular signals?

Clouds: +12V DC, 120mA ; and -12V DC, 10mA.

Line level for consumer audio: 0.9Vpp
Line level for “pro” audio: 3.5Vpp
Modular levels: 10Vpp from an oscillator, can go up to 20Vpp if it goes through VCAs, resonant filters, or anything with gain…

Most audio interfaces or mixers are able to accept it though, if their gain pot is set to the minimum.


Finally i did it! i’m having a lot of fun, thanks to everybody for the advises and thanks Mutable Instruments for making such a great product!

I’m having pretty good success with using Ears as a preamp for line level signals. It’s cheap and even has an envelope follower and gate out, which can be pretty useful.

Btw. nice box you made yourself! :slight_smile:

Thanks, do you think is necessary to preamp the line signal? i’m using it without any preamplification and it seems to sound very good! Maybe it would be more useful something for attenuate the out signal of the Clouds but even that can be controlled paying attention

Depends. I have been using it both with and without preamplification. I found that, depending on the signal type, sometimes it can be a bit low for Clouds (or the modular in general). For example I found the the Octatrack’s output to be a bit too soft most of the time.
On the other hand, as long as it works fine as is for you I wouldn’t bother adding anything else in the signal chain.