Clouds Successor




Great, thanks.
Dont write much on forums, just signed on here to get some news on new clouds :slight_smile:

So here are the quotes:


May i ask why you find it lovely?


14hp is such a round voluptuous hp


Its less hp than 18 :slight_smile:

(aka my case has space for 14 hp, not 18)

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It is what you get when two lucky primes join together, it’s the platonic ideal of module sizes from a size/benefit POV, it’s easy on the fingers and eyes, and it’s not an odd number. So much to love!



Hello, I’ve asked this a little over 6 months ago, so forgive me for repeating myself but I did wait! :slight_smile:

Is there any even broad ETA on the fabled successor?


I can’t give an ETA at the moment. I’ve actually been unable to actively do this kind of work for the past 2 months, and don’t know when things will get better.


I see, no worries, thank you.


Hope you get better soon!

Edit: Or if you are just working on other projects, then good luck with that.


Prends soins de toi .

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Hi, I like Nimbus for Clouds 2, because it’s a type of cloud. but I’m and idiot so… :slight_smile:


What’s the plural of nimbus?



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Or nimbuses apparently!


Or… nimbi!


My take on a Clouds 2 name: Nacreous - These are clouds in the stratosphere that are made of frozen particles of water. Get it? Frozen grains of the fluid. Seems pretty well suited. They refract all sorts of amazing colouring hence the name (from mother of pearl), just like how clouds 2 will colour the output. Being in the Stratosphere it is also the next level up for clouds.


It would also make sense to just call it Clouds, like the new version of Tides is still just Tides. Nothing wrong with the name, why change it?

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But the new braids isn’t called braids but plaits. I think the new “clouds” will be a bigger change then with Tides. There was nothing “wrong” with Tides. The new one is just more modern. Now clouds on the other hand has a couple of “mistake’s”. So i think the new Clouds will be more of a conversion like Braids had.

No hidden functies
No blend knob
Probally smaller
Smart normalisations
Easier to understand


Well, whatever it will be called, I just hope that it actually does come out, eventually. Till then we can play the guessing game to keep ourselves busy, I guess :slight_smile:

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