Clouds Successor


thats the one!


I’m going to be properly cheeky and propose the name “ Vapours” :joy:


I’ll throw my hat in the ring: “Chemtrails”


There might even be a wave of people who make a new type of music with this Vapours module. I wonder what we would call such a genre?


“Rays” (because after Clouds comes sunshine)? :slightly_smiling_face:

With a nod to geometrical acoustics terminology:


I hope it turns out better than last time when Émilie accidentally invented Cloudrap


I hope this can be made into a 10HP unit. wishful thinking i know.


With only attenuverter-style pots maybe? Ewwwwww.


New merch. “Attenuverter pots for attenuverters” t-shirt


Just to troll the copycats: make this the only one not open source :stuck_out_tongue:


Name ideas…


Mind if we call it ‘Bruce’ to keep it clear?


As my first post on the forum, and perusing my experience as an amateur meteorologist I suggest the name lenticular which is the name of a cloud often seen above mountains. It is also referred to as a Standing Wave Cloud.


Just my “shower thoughts” two cents: From Clouds comes… Rains (conveniently rhymes with grains)


I kind of like the idea of naming it “Shower Thoughts,” myself.


Lovely to hear this thing is 14 hp.




14 HP? Did I miss that announcement?


If im not mistaken.
I dont know how to quote, but see posts “20 - 23”

Seems so, right?


You just select the text you want to quote, and a popup button appears asking you if you want to quote the text. Click it, and a new message is created with the relevant markup.

Prize for most boring derailment?