Clouds Successor



Any idea when you‘ll resume working on it?


Easiest thing to do, is forget about it, and get a really great surprise when it’s suddenly announced :grinning:


Certainly true.

Olivier said that he stopped selling Tides1 only half a year before he released the update.
He must have been very dissatisfied with Clouds1 to have stopped producing it without a successor in sight.


This is very wise and logical and how I try to lead life in general.


The pessimist can only be confirmed or pleasantly surprised.


My impression was is has more to do with this:

I’m as excited as the next person for whatever Olivier has developed, but the truth is we likely have plenty of modules with which to make music – I’ve been trying to face my consumerist urges by going back to work with the tools I have (with marginal success!) Re-connect with the creative to pass the time!


I have purchased STM32H743s in quantity sufficient to start production of a reasonable batch of modules.

Maybe you imagine me as someone hyper focused on making modules, living and breathing for my next release. While this has been true a few years ago, this is not the case at the moment. I am sorting other matters in my life.


Good to hear, actually!
As long as you do what is needed to get (at least a reasonable amount of) balance in your life it‘s all good.


I’ve noticed a definite increase in the frequency of artistic photos posted on Instagram by Olivier, recently, which at the very least indicates more time spent getting out and walking around (in Paris!) instead of staring at the iMac screen and oscilloscope…

Olivier is a really good photographer, btw, with a great eye for architectural and geometric compositions of the built environment. I’d like to be able to say that I used to pursue similar photographic goals, many, many decades ago, but I found a box of my old negatives (yes, chemical photographs!) and proof strips recently, and… nah! Abysmal, in the light of hindsight.


I think most people just care about new clouds without any thought about primal idea of the engineer or engineer’s life. And evolution from Braids to Plaits is big enough to wait a new ‘Clouds’ too (and maybe also some issues/lack of expected functionality from other new granular modules).


Just this afternoon I re-installed the official firmware on my clouds after at least a year of parasites. I had forgotten that feedback works with a frozen buffer! The time stretch mode is far better for my uses in the stock firmware as well.

I do miss the ease of switching modes that parasites provides, I may have to try my hand at merging that bit of code in coming weeks.


Just joined to say I can’t wait for the successor, having been a very long time clouds user.

Also, I reckon that in the same way that the attenuverters on Plaits are normalled to the internal envelope, I reckon that on the Clouds successor they will be normalled to internal random sources, which will be great.


Borderline off-topic, but I wanna officially bet that the name of the new module will be Drops. I gave some thought to how Clouds does granular synthesis, and I think it makes sense to have a module that treats grains as raindrops and basically gives the musician control over the characteristics of the storm: speed, size, density are all analogous properties of the storm and the grain swarm.

Sorry, maybe I think about this too much. I just think it’s a great name.


I’m betting on Dunes.


i bet the new name will be “ecstasies” as that will be most peoples reaction towards its release :smiley:


Or perhaps just Grains? :fireworks:




Theres a clouds clone names grains as well as some other module i cant remember right now, good name but i guess this wont be it


Whipped Cream
Creme de Catalan


There’s a module by Ginko Synthese called Grains.