Clouds Successor


I would love to know as well. I want to make sure to save enough space in the rack I’m currently putting together.


14HP, if memory serves, is what he said on Facebook in … one of the threads about the spring modules?


14 HP yes.


Sounds fantastic! The Braids to Plaits transformation was genius. :brain: Better in every way I care about.


I’ve just signed up here, especially to say, looking forward to a future Clouds successor… Sooner the better :smile:




I subscribe :slight_smile:


I’ve also just signed up for my interest in the Clouds successor - I can’t wait!


I am here mostly for the same reason… I am wondering why MI discontinued a piece of gear like Clouds!
Almost everywhere Clouds is still considered as a must have module! I think it is maybe only second to Maths as must haviness :wink:


Some Background:


Anyway it is still a strange decision.
Its designer thinks it is awful playing whit it, but musicians around the world love to play with it and (I think) it is a good market success… So why bother to discontinue something that people loves and sell pretty well?


sometimes in life you just have to move on…


That doesn’t mean they aren’t room for improvement. The blend button is quit inconvenient, sometimes you’ll want to access more than one of his function at the time.

I’m sure you gonna understand the reason of the discontinuity when you’ll see the new design. It’s not always relevant to be a market success, it can be quite the opposite. Producing something that is in line with your vision would be more important, in my opinion, if you are in the liberty of doing so.

That being said, the module is not dead at all, you can get the 8hp μBurst version.


If you made a silly track one day and it turned out to be a success would you agree to play it again and again over the years even though you feel anything but proud of it? Some people would, other wouldn’t. :upside_down_face:


@lisa and @aroom you’re right. Actually I think if it was me I would have made the same thing, but it’s strange to see a company so consistent with its vision despite a market success (and despite it seems to be a good piece of gear, not so unusable).
I mean it’s strange, but so beautiful, and this one of the reason I do love Mutable Instruments (open hardware and software is another one).


Or the 34hp Supercell version :grinning:


It’s all at once my favourite ever module and the module I hate most !

Love: The sound and the versatility - endless fun modulating, sampling, etc as well as just the plain vanilla sound

Hate: The multi-mode knob and no attenuverters on the inputs ! I built a load of passive attenuators just for Clouds. I’m seriously planning on building one of the supercell though ! Just been waiting for the GitHub to be published !


My very simple wondering is, will it have reverb for the grains or perhaps a dedicated grain/wet out?

The suspense!


I would bet, that even though it’s going to be a much sharper approach to the original ideas of Clouds, FL there’s still gonna be some reverb, for end of chain processing.


I bet there will be no reverb but the diffusion feedback with allpass filters will stay.
My reasoning is that the first is easily doable with other modules (possible future MI module?) and the latter is not.


It’s a bet then :smile: