Clouds Successor

Have there been hints of other modules?

i hope not :stuck_out_tongue:
but i got a free 14HP in front of me. and no delay module yet :wink:

If you expect me to come up with 4 new modules this year or the next, you’ll be very disappointed.


I don’t expect anything, just curious. It’s hard to translate tone over text (referring also to my previous comments), but I can’t help but feel a little hostility in that response. Is it that bad that people are curious in what comes next from MI? I hope my comment didn’t come across as pushy, that wasn’t the intent, all I was trying to say is that I really actually look forward to when the successor eventually comes out. I own a handful of MI modules (clouds, peaks, plaits, marbles, rings, ears), and hope to add others, that’s all. :v:

It’s not hostility.

I’m going through very difficult things at the moment and I don’t have much energy left to think and work about modules. Knowing that I’m disappointing people by no longer being the module-churning machine I’ve been in the past few years doesn’t help.

It’s quite heart-breaking to ponder the contrast between what many of you imagine of the future of Mutable Instruments (3 or 4 modules a year for the decade to come), and the plans I try to rationally make for the company at the moment.


Thank you for your replies.
I don’t think anybody is disappointed, or that you’re disappointing people with anything. There’s so much you’ve contributed to the modular world that it should keep everyone busy for quite some time. I know I was the one asking about new stuff, but there was no ill intent on my side. I can only imagine what you are dealing with, so it is completely understandable that you take time off.
If anything, I’m excited about what comes next, even if it takes years to come out. Hopefully I learn more modular techniques in the mean time, to be able to get more out of the stuff I already have.
But there are plenty eurorack manufacturers producing quality stuff right now, so if you needed to close shop, I’m sure everyone would understand, and still be able to get new modules elsewhere.


If your happiness means thats it for MI, that’s cool with me and i imagine most of us. Not that it should matter anyway if we weren’t.
Do your thing and don’t worry too much about our expectations.


Hi pichenettes, im been reading this forum for a long time and this post encouraged me to register and reply. I am one (of thousands) who discovered the world of modular synths thanks to numerous post, reviews, videos (and music) about Clouds, but Its was only the beginning of my modular journey. One year and half from then, (when my newborn baby let me do it) i turn on my 6u 84hp modular synth (with a lot of MI modules inside) to enjoy with all your little but versatile creations.


Even though we post about modules, we are on your side.
Dont confuse our childlike eagerness for new toys with demanding something from you.
Its life after all, not modular-company-simulator 2000.
Do what you want to do :slightly_smiling_face:.


The hidden functions are the best part of the module IMO which is why I’m getting a second one.

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MI could easily never put out another module and would still be legendary for all time. I am always amazed when an artist is able to not only create beautiful things but market and produce them with such ferocity, while at the same time maintaining involvement with their community so closely for such a long time.

I think it’s difficult for some people to empathize with the kind of energy that kind of personal involvement requires, not to mention with significant life changes happening at the same time. At a certain point you have to rest and take care of your own needs, even if it means letting some people down.



I personally took the dive into modular a year ago and now my entire top row are MI modules, plus a few on the second row too. Their ease and functionality has helped me tremendously to understand how it all works, and It would be a very sad day if Émilie decided to close shop on MI as the company has had an incredible impact on the community from beginners to professionals. Unfortunately, I missed out on the original Clouds (opting for an open source one instead) and like everyone here, crave to see an updated, or new version. However at the end of the day, if that never happens, Émilie will always be a legend as someone who helped to make modular more fun and accessible to the masses but the music will still continue.

May your journey be a happy one, thank you.


pichenettes, nothing can happen with MI unless you’ve got that work/live balance. no one can keep up the kind of work you’ve been doing for as long as you have with such consistency. everyone will always want more than you can possibly do, but that’s not bad if it is managed so that you have enough time for your self. I’m sure you know how to say no, or you’d not get this far, but I think that it is not a bad reminder to remember that saying no to new things or ongoing pressures only helps you do more in the long run. those who have come to depend on you and your work will still be there, and will not be disappointed if you put yourself before your work, they’ll just be happier that you’re working at a pace that makes you happy.

Just speaking from personal experience, but it seems generalizable.


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