Clouds stuck in strange mode

Hello all,

My Clouds has been behaving strangely. Unfortunately, some time has passed since this started happening, so how I may have gotten to this predicament, I don’t know.

It is stuck in a strange mode where if I move the Texture knob past 9 o’clock it starts to self oscillate, rather unpleasantly. If it’s below 9 it takes whatever noise is coming in and transposes it up, almost like an ascending arppegiator.

I’m pretty sure I loaded the alternate firmware a while back. But this doesn’t sound like any of the Parasites stuff.

Is there a way to get back to the standard firmware? Any ideas of how I can get this thing back to the sweet sounds it made?



  1. Go back to the default granular processing mode. Hold the button at the right of the LEDs for 5s, then press it repeatedly until the 1st LED is lit in orange.

  2. Set the feedback setting back to normal. Press the button at the right of the LEDs (short press) until the 3rd LED is lit. Then turn the BLEND knob fully CCW.

Yep, that did it. Sounds sweet again!

Merci! I know that was a pretty basic one.