Clouds stuck in Looping Delay mode

I recently purchased a used Clouds, and it’s stuck in the alternate “Looping Delay” mode - I am unable to get the module to return to the default/standard “Granular” mode.

I’ve tried changing it back using this method: “Hold the button at the right of the LEDs for 5s, then press it repeatedly until the 1st LED is lit in orange” - but all 4 of the LEDs returns it to Looping Delay mode; I can’t access any other modes. I tried doing a firmware update but that didn’t do anything, it’s still stuck in Looping Delay mode.

Any help/hints/tips would be greatly appreciated - thank you!

It might have the parasite firmware installed and IIRC the mode changing works differently there, check here for more info:

press mode button
the led should go red first then orange
when orange you press repeatedly until it goes to position 1

have you tried rebooting/reinstalling the firmware ?