Clouds stopped responding to 1 v/o


Some strange behaviour I’ve noticed in my Clouds of late. It had been sounding a bit “funny” for a while - nothing I could quite put my finger on - like high-pitched digital artifacts making their way in amongst the grains. I’ve since noticed that it has completely stopped responding to 1 v/o signals. If the input is at 0 volts there’s no change in pitch (obviously), but when the input rises above 0 volts the pitch rises an octave and stays there, no matter what the voltage. I can see the notes changing in my quantizer, but Clouds does not respond.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a calibration issue. I’ve changed firmwares a number of times and am quite confident in the voltage source I’m using to calibrate (Doepfer precision adder, checked with multi-meter). I’ve returned to the stock firmware and am still experiencing the issue.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


Try running the calibration procedure.


Thanks for the reply. The problem persists after calibration using fixed voltages from a precision adder verified with a multi-meter. Any other ideas?



If this isn’t the appropriate place to ask for technical support does anyone know where I should ask?


The contact form on the Mutable Instruments site!


I see it, thank you.


This is what I get when I try to submit a contact form…



Never mind. Works with Java enabled :slight_smile: