CLOUDS: Significant distortion

I’m not new to modular, but I am new to MI and Clouds. I recently bought a used Clouds module off ModualarGrid, but the output is not even close to unity and is exhibits moderate to heavy overload distortion at the output. I can’t even get a dry signal out that is close in quality and tone to the input. At my request it was flashed by the seller with Parasites. I read somewhere that after a firmware flash it may beed to be recalibrated. I will try that today, but does anybody know of a basic “intro to Clouds” video? As many will probably agree, it’s a fairly complex module, so I might not be setting it up or using it correctly.


check the feedback setting, you often get overdrive and loud output with that cranked up.

Still this shouldn’t explain why the dry signal is distorted.

If you have the input gain turned up, it will certainly overdrive most modular level signals…

Hi friends, thanks for the responses. I was able top resolve the issue after sitting down with the unit and really diving into how it works - particularly with understanding the various LED indications and the 4 different settings that are affected by the BLEND control, particularly the FEEDBACK parameter (thank you @Papernoise).

Whew! everything seems in order. Made some wicked, self-modulating, evolving patches last night!! Just what the doctor ordered.


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Yes, and note the Texture knob when set more CW can sometimes give you more than you bargained for-- so watch out for that one too. Also, input level doesn’t go all the way down to zero, so there may be times where you’d like to use it to completely turn the level all the way off, and you can’t-- according to the manual it goes from -18db to +6db. A minor inconvenience now and then.

But glad you got it worked out, it’s a great module-- I have two of them myself.