Clouds self-noise question

I noticed a faint high frequency background noise from clouds output (even when nothing is plugged into the input) in its default granular mode. The noise remains when it is processing as well. I will be trying it with a different power supply tonight, but I am curious if this is normal. It is not a big deal, but should the module be silent without any input?

The ADC noise of the module (-75dB … -80dB below the level of a full sine) consists of a high-pitched tone and noise. This is normal.

It is not noticeable when modular levels are attenuated to line level with proper gain staging.

Bringing back this discussion…

For now, I don’t have a proper VCA, so I send the Clouds output right into my mixer until I get a VCA. There’s that noise in the background. I’m wondering if this would disapear with a VCA and also, what is a ‘‘proper gain staging’’ meaning is there a way to fix that without the need of a VCA ?

The noise is actually quite loud and it sounds like a somewhat filtered white noise.

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@lost_sounds why would you need a VCA between Clouds and your mixer? Clouds directly to a mixer will be just fine, provided that it doesn’t saturate. I don’t think this can be the cause of your noise; and adding a VCA on the signal path will certainly not help. Look for power/grounding issues, they’re far more likely.

Thanks. I also had the feeling the lack of VCA wasn’t the problem. Any suggestion to check for power issues ? Just try other outlets in my house ? Another power supply for my μZEUS ?

So in case someone drops here after having the same problem :

I had to use the the regular/line level of the Vermona Mono Lancet which sends, I learned, an audio signal that is not at the same level as modular level. So I had to boost everything unproperly, which of course boosted some noise as well. I purchased a Pittsburg InOut module to boost the signal and now the noise is gone.

Hi Sydilaxe, I have encountered exactly the same noise problem. Could you please translate “when modular levels are attenuated to line level with proper gain staging” for a beginner? Have you actually managed to get the module silent with no input? cheers