Clouds Rings and other things

Hi - noob question - I am building an extension for my current set-up which centres around an ms-20, streichfett, beatstep pro, key step and effects such as a big sky and timeline, 70s small stone - I record in my modest studio and play out live on occasion.

Initially I wanted to build a small unit to get a little more out of the patch bay on the ms-20 - multiples, attenuators, a sync able LFO! But…a friend of mine showed me his granulator software in Ableton and I fell in love - this is when I discovered Clouds - I don’t use computers other than to record/mix - and even then they are usually all live takes. I also saw an amazing sounding vid on YT by a guy called Pheelia using Rings. So I decided I wanted a eurorack set-up for clouds and Rings, perhaps modulated by the ms-20 and sequenced via cv from the BS. So I cobbled this together at Modular Grid and would like some advice. I have a powered case on the way which is 88hp. Any advice would be most appreciated.

I would add some VCAs (either a µVCA, or replacing the Triatt by Blinds).

I would replace the A-141-2 by something providing more modulations (Maths, Batumi, Quadra).

Thanks for the advice - I did leave some space for a VCA on the left and had looked at uVCA - Blinds looks great though maybe I will go for that. Replacing the A-141-2 with what you suggested is a good idea but cost wise they are all quite expensive. It is my intention to bring the ms-20 in to play with this set up. I have to think one step at a time cost wise and improve over time - quad anything looks great.

I did wonder if I needed the MN Rosie or if it was overkill - I do have a mixer which can handle eurorack levels?

If you have a mixer, skip the rosie and use the space for something else, I’d say.

Good plan. Space fills up quickly in this game and costs easily escalate. What really impressed me with MI is how they offer such interesting modules - from a noob point of view it would be useful to see combinations of MI modules that work well together - almost like mini systems. What I was trying to achieve with my rack was two systems each focusing on the qualities of a particular module i.e. Clouds and rings with a bit of ears thrown in for spontaneity.

The thing to bear in mind with MI modules, is that, because most are mult-functional, with relatively minimal UIs, you do have to invest a fair amount of time in learning the intricacies of how they work, before you can really get the most out of them.


Especially with peaks and the alternative firmwares for it. Such a useful module.

Thank you all for the useful comments. I think it is the apparent depth to the MI modules that makes them so interesting. Having to spend considerable time exploring the parameters sounds great to me.

I have implemented the various modules mentioned and created a new rack. I had thought about Peaks early on so have put it back in. There is still some space left for more multiples and future modules :slight_smile: