Clouds - reverb not working - pls help!


Hi all,

I recently got Clouds as part of my first foray into modular and I am loving it!

I don’t seem to be able to get the reverb to work at all though :confused:

I’ve followed the manual, clicked the button so it’s on the fourth LED, turned the blend knob up so it goes amber/red, then - nothing haha

Leaving the fourth LED on amber/red I’ve then selected the blend knob back to the first wet/dry LED and setting the rest of clouds to neutral I can get my input sound but when I fade it across to total wet i don’t hear anything! Perhaps a slightly crunchy hiss, but that’s it.

Am I doing something wrong? I haven’t calibrated it as I don’t have a way of generating a C2 CV signal (told you I was new at this!) but not sure if that would impact the Reverb or not?

Any help appreciated!



The reverb is never applied to the original sound but to the grains generated by the granular processor. Have you adjusted DENSITY?


Oh I seeeeee haha, cool, my misunderstanding. I’ll give it a go this evening and see what happens.

Thanks for your help!


tried it, worked perfectly, thank you.