Clouds reset

I am having some issues with my Clouds module in that the audio buffer is always not at the same pitch as the input signal, usually about a half a step or less off (with the pitch pot centered). I have tried recalibrating, reloading firmware (it was on the Parasite firmware, but is now back on the original factory firmware). Is there any way to reset the state of clouds (ie. a factory reset). Are there any potentiometers on the board that can affect the pitch? I am unfortunately at a loss and there could be something quite simple that I have not tried.

There’s no such thing as a factory reset.

There are no trimmers on the board. The pitch is adjusted through the built-in calibration procedure. Are you sure you are performing it correctly?

I will double check (using C2 and C4 via a midi keyboard and yarns). Now that I think about it, the keyboard is going through a Yamaha RS-7000 sequencer which has a global pitch bend knob. If that is slightly off, it might be affecting this…will confirm.

The pitch bend is not the issue…I will double check Yarns and confirm that I have all the right voltage range settings, etc. Thanks for the fast response.

I finally have it calibrated. The calibration procedure in the clouds manual says C2 for 1v and C4 for 3v; however, my Yarns was outputting 1V for C3 and 3v for C5. When I used those notes, everything worked out!

Yeah, there are two standards for numbering octave numbers for MIDI notes (the “Roland” and the “Yamaha” standards). DAW/keyboards follow either one or the other.

Had no idea there were two standards, So just for clarification: Mutable stuff uses the “Roland” standard rather than the “Yamaha”?

Mutable stuff? The question arises only when a MIDI note has to be displayed with an octave number. Yarns displays MIDI note 60 as C3.

Then there’s the question of mapping MIDI notes to voltages - and there’s no standard for that!

That’s why I wanted to check as I calibrate my modules using Live’s midi input from computer keyboard (which uses the C3 standard) into my modular midi in.

Edit/note: Having this issue means you have an unofficial firmware. Lots of reading elsewhere for this :slight_smile:

Not seeing the calibration procedure as in the manual:

Disconnect all CV inputs.
Connect the note CV output of a well-calibrated keyboard interface or MIDI-CV converter to the V/OCT input.
Press the Load/save button, and while you hold it down, press the Blend parameter/Audio quality button. The first 2 LEDs will blink in orange.

<— for that last bit I have first LED 1 then LED 2

Play a C2 note, or send a 1V voltage from your CV source.
Press the Load/Save button. The four LEDs will blink in orange.

<— pressing the Load/Save button does not have all four LEDs blinking in orange. I’m rather just loading and saving, depending on how long I hold it pressed. should this step be done in combination with holding on to a pressed button from the previous step? I tried different combinations going into this step. it seems to end for me here though I am able to produce different combinations of orange LEDs by repeated button combo pressed, none of them correspond to four orange buttons blinking.

Play a C4 note, or send a 3V voltage from your CV source.
Press the Load/Save push-button.
Calibration is done!

any help to get to here appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m using a DSI Pro 2 for CV (mod matrix assign dest: note number > amount 127 > ext cv out). with middle C playing producing 5V, and these settings make for a 1V/octave, I transposed the keyboard to -1, playing the C on the far left for 1V and the one furthest to the right for 3V.


Do you have the most recent version of the Parasites firmware installed? If so, accessing the calibration procedure is different than in the standard firmware. To me, it sounds like you’re not actually in the calibration mode.

What happens when you hold the Load/Save button as you turn your system on?